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Rahul's Babylon Career Growth

Written by Babylon Team

, 2 min read

Rahul's Babylon Career Growth

When did you join Babylon?

June 2019

What role did you start in at Babylon?

I started as a senior software engineer on the monitor team.

What roles have you progressed to?

I became a staff software engineer in December 2020.

What has helped you grow your career at Babylon?

My smart and humble colleagues from whom I learn a lot every day. Also, the culture in the tribe, which is very conducive to experimentation and change. There is an openness to new ideas. People are encouraged to take on new responsibilities and are provided with the necessary tools and support to do their best. All of these combined is what I believe helped me take the next step in my career.

What support have you received within Babylon to help grow your career?

My manager regularly provides me with helpful advice, feedback with actionable steps, and gets me involved in initiatives where he thinks I can contribute best. The product managers enthusiastically took me up on domain-driven design ideas and experimented with a different model for involving clinicians and other stakeholders in our work.

What do you enjoy most about working at Babylon?

Knowing that what we build helps, and is going to improve, a lot of people’s lives out there. The kind of work I did in past jobs didn’t give this sense of purpose and meaning.

How is Babylon as a place to work?

It’s a roller-coaster ride. (I have mixed feelings about roller-coasters; 8 parts “this is absolutely amazing” and 2 parts “why am I here”.)

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