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Supporting menopause in the workplace

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Supporting menopause in the workplace

We need to talk about menopause in the workplace.

Not only for those it affects (and let’s not forget it impacts at least 50% of the population). Not only those who are 51 (the average age for menopause). We’re talking - everyone!

This is because to create truly inclusive, supported workplaces that hold up every member of a team, we need to deepen our understanding of what we (or our colleagues) may be experiencing.

At Babylon, we are building a culture where menopause is understood, talked about and embraced. Here are a few reflections from our Women’s Health Lead GP Dr. Elise Dallas on how we have done exactly that:

1. Start the Conversation

Having an environment where people feel comfortable talking about menopause is a really important starting point.

We have found that doing webinars that any of our team members can attend is a good way of building understanding around menopause in the workplace. It helps educate people about a topic they may not fully understand or have any experience of – while also creating a culture where menopause is out in the open, rather than hidden in the shadows.

We are also developing monthly support circles. We call these the Menopod! This is an opportunity for Babylonians to come forward in a safe space to ask any questions that they may have about menopause. It will be facilitated by a clinician with a specialist interest in menopause and is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other.

2. Build awareness of symptoms

Menopause is much more than people realise. Not only in terms of how long it lasts but also in terms of what symptoms you may experience during this journey. That’s why Dr. Elise Dallas has developed the Menopause Symptoms Checklist. This can be accessed by anyone and helps give an idea of the scope of symptoms that come along with this time of life.

It can also help build an understanding of many symptoms that people may have just swept under the carpet and not realised were part of a bigger picture.

3. Share resources and guidance

In addition to webinars, we have an up-to-date webpage on menopause (including FAQs and extra resources). We also strive to keep the information flowing with our easily accessible blog posts and top tips which we share on social media. Keep your eyes peeled for our new releases!

4. Provide staff training

To understand something fully takes time, and that’s why we give our teams the opportunity to do training on our internal learning platform on ‘Menopause in the workplace.’ Courses like this are important for many reasons. To give managers the confidence to support their team with any symptoms and also to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk and be the most menopause-friendly workplace we can be.

5. Offer the best clinical support for our patients

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do at Babylon. This is why we have worked hard to develop services which reflect their needs. Earlier this year, Babylon successfully launched a Menopause Service for our NHS GP at Hand patients in the UK. At the time of writing, we have 30 doctors and 15 pharmacists who are part of this team. They can support patients with their menopause journeys and each other to learn and constantly develop their menopause knowledge. We do regular quality audits and service improvement work to make sure its delivery only gets better.

Behind the scenes, we are also working on a similar level of support for our U.S. patients which we are excited to share more about in the future.

We are committed to supporting our teams and our patients during menopause and beyond – not just on World Menopause Day, but every day.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never delay seeking or disregard professional medical advice because of something you have read here.

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