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Yan Lau's Babylon Career Growth

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Yan Lau's Babylon Career Growth

When did you join Babylon?

I joined Babylon in April 2019.

What role did you start in at Babylon?

I started as an Associated Product Manager in the Triage tribe which is responsible for building Babylon’s Symptom Checker.

What roles have you progressed to?

Since joining Babylon, I’ve had the opportunity to progress from being the product manager for a feature in a larger product to managing an entire product myself. I am now the product manager for an internal tool that helps to clinically validate Babylon’s Symptom Checker.

What has helped you grow your career at Babylon and what support have you received within Babylon to help grow your career?

The endless support from my colleagues and my managers has really been the key driver to my career growth at Babylon. Everyone is always happy to help and everyday is a new learning opportunity. In 2020, Babylon also started a Product Management mentorship program which really helped guide my career growth. Having a mentor has encouraged me to take on new opportunities and challenges to continue progressing my career as a Product Manager.

What do you enjoy most about working at Babylon? / How is Babylon as a place to work?

I look forward to going to work each day knowing that I’m working towards the greater mission of providing affordable healthcare to everyone and knowing that my work makes a difference. I also love that I get to work with some really amazing and talented people. Working at Babylon has been a very rewarding experience.

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