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5 Big Predictions for AI and HR in 2018

Written by Babylon Team

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5 Big Predictions for AI and HR in 2018

A decade ago, no one would have ever imagined getting recruited by a robot or using a gamified app to select their favourite company perks. But if HR experts know anything, it's that employee benefits must evolve with the times.

As we start 2018, let's take a look at some of the biggest trends and predictions for AI and HR.

1. Continuous Feedback Will Be the Norm

In 2017, we saw numerous headlines calling for the end of the "dreaded annual review".

Continuous feedback platforms like Impraise and BambooHR are helping bridge the gap between business goals and employee performance by helping managers deliver ongoing support to their people.

Should the year-end review be scrapped altogether? We're not so sure. But there are some compelling arguments for taking a hard look at your performance review process to make sure you don't get eclipsed by the competition in 2018.

2. Balance Between Human & Machine

With the rise of digitization and automation also comes anxiety about a future where robots can replace humans. But AI-driven HR tools like Luminoso can actually help bring better, more human insights into the workplace by making sense of vast amounts of HR data to deliver insights business leaders can act on.

Recruitment in particular is earmarked by HR experts as an area where we'll see big innovation in 2018 as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Breezy take full advantage of smart bots and video communication tools to create a better, more human hiring experience for employees and employers alike.

3. People-Centric Communication Tools

Top-down approaches are quickly becoming outdated. Employees are getting tired of waiting for leadership decisions to trickle down and are taking more initiative resulting in an increased use of unofficial communication channels such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Slack, etc.

HR leaders will be faced with the decision of whether to meet employees where they are, or encourage adoption of an organizational channel such as the Slack plugins Captain Feedback or an internal social network offered by culture management platforms like Bonfyre.

4. Natural Language + Emotion Recognition = More Human-Like Help

By 2020, it’s estimated that about 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI.

But how to we get these bots to act more like people and less like rote customer service reps? e Natural Language Programming (NLP) is a challenge that has plagued the AI and bot computing world for years. But experts predict this challenge will soon be solved.

As chatbots become more prevalent in all aspects of life and business, the ability to recognize nuances in human speech is becoming easier to do. In fact, Google has already created a chatbot that debated the meaning of life.

(Want to see how we do it at babylon? Read more about how we teach our AI doctor bot to be more understanding here.)

5. Rise of Self-Service Tools

Today's workforce wants choice and flexibility and the number of self-service, employee experience platforms is fast-growing in the HR tech environment.

In an effort to make work better and create a more seamless employee experience, companies are using of employee apps, back end applications and other forms of AIs such as smart chatbots. Tools like Perkbox help employees take control over their perks, benefits while providing a variety of options to help finally put the one-size all thinking to bed.

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