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Pandemic wellbeing

There is no denying that pandemic life is challenging. It can feel scary and uncertain at times. With the help of our doctors, we’re here to help you manage your mental and physical health, #OneDayAtATime

How to mind your mental health

COVID-19 can stir up a variety of feelings, from anxiety about your health or the health of loved ones, to low mood due to having been isolated from friends, family and work colleagues. Another commonly seen problem is difficulty getting to sleep, which is important for maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re feeling anxious, wondering how to take care of your mental health or struggling to fall asleep, we’ve put together some videos with tips - including how to prevent information overload, breathing and sleep meditation techniques. For more mental health information, including where to get urgent help, read the NHS Mental Health Services page.

  • How to stay informed not overloaded

  • How to reduce anxiety with box breathing

  • How to get to sleep using the body scan meditation

  • How to do step ups the right way

  • How to do press ups the right way

  • How to do mountain climbers the right way

Staying connected

For more tips and info on how you can look after your mental and physical well being, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and together we will get through this #OneDayAtATime.

Feeling unsafe at home?

If you’re facing self-isolation and lockdown with an abusive partner or you’re concerned about a loved one that is, our information page on domestic violence has useful information on where to get help, including in an emergency.