Give up, don’t give in

There are so many great reasons to quit smoking. It’s good for your health, your family and your savings. So if you want to quit but aren’t sure where to start, 
join NHS Smokefree for free, proven support.

Find your local stop smoking service.

Get a free personalised quit plan.

Call the NHS Smokefree Helpline on 0300 123 1044.

Is the UK kicking butts?

We’ve looked at stats from over 47,000 Healthcheck users to see how many people are ex-smokers. Here’s what we found.

Smokers and quitters by age

Graph shows Statistics on who have stopped smoking: 18 to 30 years 14.2% stopped, 31 to 40 years 24.6% stopped, 41 to 50 years 34.9% stopped, 51 to 60 years 34.3% stopped and 61 to 70 years 44.1% stopped Graph shows statistics on Current smokers: 18 to 30 years 16% smoke, 31 to 40 years 12.7% smoke, 41 to 50 years 11.7% smoke, 51 to 60 years 10.3% smoke and 61 to 70 years 7.5% smoke

15% of 18 to 30 year old women are smokers

But the good news is the quitters 
are likely to recover their lung health.

Percentage of people who stopped smoking last year

It looks like the youth are leading from the front.

The stats on smoking were 
collected using Healthcheck

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Note: The Healthcheck data we’ve used is aggregated and anonymised. Healthcheck stats have been taken from October 2018 - January 2019. Please note that our 47k Healthcheck respondents may not accurately represent the general UK population demographic.