Babylon Monitor

A better way to track your health.

To stay healthy, you need to be able to manage your health on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve created Babylon Monitor. It helps you take control of your wellbeing, so you can live your healthiest life.

Do more than just wish for good health.

Babylon Monitor puts you in control of your health, so you can:

  • Track your mood and better understand your state of mind
  • Sync your health data from your phone, wearables and apps—so everything’s in one place
  • Understand the impact of your habits on your health
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Track your mood.

Everything you think and do is inspired by your mood. It impacts almost every aspect of your daily life. By combining technology and academic research, our medical experts have created a mood tracker like no other.

It helps you gain insights into your emotions and how they’re affecting your wellbeing. You can:

  • Assess your mood using a unique mood wheel, specially designed by our doctors
  • Look out for triggers that could affect your mental health
  • Attach personal notes and keep a record of what’s influencing your mood
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Sync your health data

Consolidate data from your activity trackers, apps and compatible wearables. Sync your body measurements and manage your steps, active energy, distance. View all of this in one convenient place.

Hot health tips

Get health tips on how to stay active, beat stress and give yourself a break. You can also access a whole range of articles about being active, setting goals and mood tracking.

Know what’s next

Discover Babylon Monitor’s upcoming features, including personalised step goals and additional wearable and app integrations with Samsung Health, Withings and iHealth.