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3 steps to becoming an asthma guru

If you’ve got asthma, we’re here to help you stay well when your asthma is under control and get better if your asthma worsens.

In short -

We’re going to train you to be an asthma guru!

Asthma inhaler
Step 1 - asthma kit illustration

Your asthma kit

Make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep your asthma in check:

  1. A peak flow meter, to monitor your asthma
  2. Your medication, to keep you well
  3. An asthma action plan, in case your asthma 
gets worse

If you’re missing any of these, let us know and we’ll make sure you get them.

Get to know your asthma

By understanding, treating and monitoring your asthma, you’ll know when it’s under control and be able to spot if it’s getting worse. The sooner you know something’s wrong, the quicker you can sort it out, before it gets bad.

Make your way through our 5 minute guru guide or choose what you want to find out more about from the boxes below.

Step 2 - asthma illustration
mental health icon


Find out what you first need to know about asthma.

diagram icon


Learn how to do a peak flow test and monitor your asthma.

Stay well

Find out what can trigger your asthma and watch videos on how to use an inhaler

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Asthma attacks

Learn how to do a peak flow test and monitor your asthma

Your asthma action plan

Making a plan of action is a plan for success! An asthma action plan tells you what to do when your asthma gets worse. You’ll make your asthma action plan when you have a review with a clinician. You'll be able to see your plan in the app and check it whenever you want. Doing this at least once a year will mean you’re well prepared if your asthma gets worse.

And that’s it. You'll officially become an asthma guru.

Asthma action plan checklist icon