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Monitoring your asthma

Using a peak flow meter regularly to monitor your asthma can tell you if your asthma is getting worse. It can also 
show if your medication is working or if you’re having an asthma attack.

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How to use a peak flow meter

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Your peak flow number

Once you’ve checked your peak flow and are in the habit of doing it regularly, you’ll have a good idea of what number is normal for you.

The number is different for everyone and depends on your age, sex and height.

Speak to a clinician about what would be a normal peak flow number for you and make sure you put it in your asthma action plan.

If you’re monitoring your asthma and you notice that your peak flow number is going down, this can be a sign that your asthma isn’t well controlled or that you’re having an asthma attack - so it’s best to speak to a clinician.