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Babylon Health

Babylon Cloud Services

Artificial Intelligence. Real transformation.

Combining cutting-edge AI with the best in human expertise, we’ve built a radical digital platform. It can both transform your organization’s consumer experience and navigate users to the right care and information—while optimizing costs.

Transformational advances for your business

Get a holistic view of every user’s individual data and clinical risks

Easily intake health data from internal and external sources, and normalize and structure patient records for analysis.

Improve member and patient engagement

By integrating Symptom Checker into our partners’ customer acquisition channels, we have achieved 2-3x better brand recall.

Navigate members to the right care

More than 60% of our Symptom Checker users are directed to non-hospital settings, driving efficiency and reducing system waste.

Make preventative clinical interventions

Our My Health tool collects 118 health data points for each user in order to build individualized risk scores and health insights.

Provide members with 24/7 health information

The app has a rating of 4.8 stars. Nearly 2/3 of users adhere to the information provided by Symptom Checker.

Solutions that span the whole care journey

Customizable tools to support your clinical strategies and population health needs. All solutions are white labeled and integrate into your web and app environments, to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Health Graph

An advanced health data platform that draws data from disparate internal and external sources (including third party sources). It offers data structuring for analysis, inter-operable system connections, and a FHIR-based patient record platform.

  • Symptom Checker

A configurable self-service AI-driven tool that provides fast triage assessment of user symptoms and information on possible conditions and next steps.

  • Chronic Patient Engagement

Digital health engagement tools include health assessment, remote patient monitoring integrations, and personalized care plans.

  • Virtual Consultations

Enabling clinicians to offer virtual consultations to patients and peer-peer physician consultations.

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