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Babylon Health x DayToDay: What You Need to Know

Written by Babylon Team

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Babylon Health x DayToDay: What You Need to Know

Babylon Health has acquired DayToDay Health, merging two highly respected names in the medical field. There’s an air of excitement surrounding the acquisition and a buzz about what it might mean for the companies, patients, and the industry moving forward.

Babylon is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of affordable healthcare to anyone who needs it. Babylon uses innovative technologies to rethink and re-engineer how care is provided, as well as how patients interact with it. Babylon is on the leading edge of new and different approaches to healthcare, and with a focus on advanced digital healthcare models, Babylon already offers 24 million people ongoing, always-accessible care.

Started in 2018 at MIT, DayToDay offers clinical services and engaging programs to patients before and after major health events. With an emphasis on leveraging digital resources, DayToDay is known for its profound positive influence surrounding surgeries, health events like childbirth, and care journeys following diagnoses of chronic conditions.

The acquisition gives Babylon members access to the tremendous resources provided by DayToDay, which provide patients with the support they need to recover properly. From targeted education to facilitated communication, the benefits of DayToDay integrate seamlessly with Babylon’s digital infrastructure.

Simply put, this new acquisition creates even more powerful healthcare pathways to assist patients in their personal health management.

What is a care pathway in health and social care? Healthcare pathways are essential strategies used to organize and optimize the care of a particular group of patients. In other words, patients that fit into a defined group can enjoy a better, more effective healthcare experience via healthcare pathways. Some examples of care pathways include lower back pain care and transitional care management, among many others.

Babylon x DayToDay Lower Back Pain Care Pathway

Back pain is incredibly common and ranges from mild discomfort to life-altering and crippling pain. Understanding the severity and type of back pain you are experiencing is essential to addressing it, which is why the education provided by Babylon and DayToDay is so essential to back pain sufferers.

In addition to education, resources that assist in assessing back pain, especially over time, are advantageous. They can help you create a comprehensive picture of your condition and know when to contact your clinician for assistance. In the event that you need clinical help, these resources will be invaluable, as they provide vital context and insight into your condition.

Preventing and ultimately healing back pain is the primary goal post-clinician-visit, making them priorities in care pathways. From specific exercises and stretches suitable for those with back pain to lifestyle changes, the guidance provided via the healthcare pathways for lower back pain is essential to positive outcomes.

Babylon and DayToDay even support you far beyond initial care by providing post-visit care that includes emotional healing and facilitating physical therapy, if necessary.

Babylon x DayToDay Transitional Care Management Care Pathway

Whether you have just experienced a major medical event, undergone surgery, or are simply changing doctors, ensuring that your time of transition between doctors goes smoothly and your medical needs are taken care of in the interim is key.

Babylon and DayToDay provide the care pathways necessary to maintain consistent healthcare and well-being during these transitional periods. There are often a myriad of factors to consider and bases to cover, which is why a pre-established transitional healthcare pathway is so valuable in guiding you through.

Medication management, follow-ups post-surgery or medical events, proper record keeping, and infection prevention are all examples of considerations Babylon, with the help of resources acquired from DayToDay, streamlines during your transitional care phase.

In addition to creating a smooth transition between doctors, this transitional care management pathway has built-in precautions that encourage you to seek the right help in case of emergency, empower you to call your doctor when the situation demands it, and determine when you may need a specialist.

Finally, Babylon and DayToDay facilitate emotional healing and a hopeful future by providing you with the resources and support necessary throughout the entire transitional process.

Babylon x DayToDay Post-Natal Care Pathway

The time following the birth of your child is delicate and vitally important for both you and your baby. Having a helpful guide through this busy and essential time can streamline the myriad of postnatal appointments, vastly improve your quality of life, and contribute to superior outcomes long-term.

Accompanying these logistical benefits are educational resources. For new parents, adjusting to postnatal life can be deeply challenging (albeit rewarding). Breastfeeding, caretaking, problem-solving, and more are all unfamiliar territories that can be made easier with targeted education and generous support.

At the same time, you need to care for your own body and focus on your recovery. The healthcare pathway taken here will be dependent on your unique situation—whether or not you had a c-section, for example.

While physical recovery is obviously extremely important, many new parents can also benefit from emotional support. Dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety, or other emotional factors associated with postnatal recovery is essential; you need to heal physically and emotionally.

There are a variety of other ways in which postnatal pathways can be integral in your new life, including prepping your house and car for a baby, recognizing potentially serious health conditions, and even helping older siblings and pets adjust to the presence of a new baby. Babylon and DayToDay can assist in all of the above and more.

Babylon x DayToDay Generalized Anxiety Pathways

A comprehensive approach to health considers all aspects of well-being. Going beyond the physical and caring for the mental and emotional elements of health is essential to complete care. While some level of mental and emotional fluctuation is normal, serious conditions like anxiety can profoundly impact your ability to function and enjoy a high quality of life.

Generalized anxiety affects many people to different degrees. The severity of the condition varies, but the symptoms tend to be similar across cases. An overwhelming sense of stress, tension, uneasiness, and worry are the most common indicators of generalized anxiety, all of which can seriously impair daily life. These symptoms predominantly appear when you are facing change or periods of increased stress, though generalized anxiety can occur without a direct cause.

Several other conditions have been linked to anxiety, including depression, physical health concerns, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, and more. As such, it is vital to develop a suitable treatment plan that can reduce symptoms and help you manage your generalized anxiety. Babylon and DayToDay provide the resources and support to guide you on your journey to exactly that.

There are numerous methods of treatment and management that can reduce symptoms and create positive outcomes for those suffering from the anxiety. These treatments range from medication and therapy to exercise and meditation. Different methods work for different people, and a combination of approaches is often most effective. Working with experienced professionals like those at Babylon Health and DayToDay is an essential step in discovering what forms of treatment work best for you.

Trying to handle your generalized anxiety alone can create more opportunities for stress and further anxiety. With Babylon and DayToDay by your side, you can equip yourself with the knowledge to face your anxiety with confidence. Techniques like goal setting, learning to control negative thoughts, evaluating your anxiety levels, recognizing your triggers, and managing highs and lows in a healthy manner are fantastic examples of the tools you can develop with the right team and guidance.

Babylon Health & DayToDay are Changing Healthcare Pathways for the Better

Despite nearly all care and recovery stories extending far past clinic and hospital visits, support for patients as they recover is shockingly lacking. Babylon Health and its recent acquisition of DayToDay aim to reverse this trend by providing crucial education and support both before and after hospitalizations, surgeries, or visits to the clinic.

When considered in the context of Babylon’s cutting-edge digital health approach, the benefits of these services are beyond profound; they are industry—and life—changing. DayToDay’s capabilities simply integrate into Babylon’s established digital-first healthcare pathways, allowing Babylon members to enjoy the advantages with ease.

You shouldn’t have to prepare for and recover from significant medical events and surgeries alone, and with Babylon, you don’t have to. With healthcare pathways to educate, manage, and otherwise guide you through your situation, you can enjoy peace of mind and better outcomes. The future of healthcare is here, and it is bright.


What is DayToDay?

DayToDay is a great way to manage your health and post-appointment care. Receive care plans from doctors, detailed instructions, and everything you need to continue care.

Why did Babylon Health Acquire DayToDay?

Babylon Health offers Telemedicine amongst other digital healthcare services, and when given the opportunity to offer continued care past Telemedicine visits, we wanted to jump on that opportunity. Not only is DayToDay beneficial for patients as they can have all of their post-visit and after care questions answered, but doctors can better serve patients to make sure they are set up for success.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never delay seeking or disregard professional medical advice because of something you have read here.

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