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Danielle Day

Danielle Day, LPC

Current Position: East Coast Regional Therapy Lead, Mental Health Therapist

Languages: English

Specialties: Adolescent and adult therapy

About Danielle Day

Danielle Day, LPC has been a practicing therapist since 2008, including a position as Chief Psychometrician and Counselor with the Neuropsychological Associates of Southwest Missouri. She brings that medical and leadership experience to Babylon as our East Coast Regional Therapy Lead. With a specialization in adolescent and adult therapy, Danielle has worked in community mental health, neuropsychology, and private practice. This includes treating adults and teens with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and phase of life issues, such as death, divorce, and job loss. In addition to her professional experience, Danielle also has experience as an educator, with a long career teaching psychology in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Danielle is passionate about helping her clients construct solutions and be able to author new stories in their lives. With the support of technology in both her professional and educational lives, Danielle is used to providing remote services to patients and students alike. She brings experience in all levels of academia and almost all levels of mental health, with a broad skillset to treat patients. Danielle is dedicated to bringing constructive and compassionate care to all her patients, and knows how to provide essential support and education.

Danielle lives in and works out of Georgia.



  • Mental Health Counselor, State of Iowa
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Missouri
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Georgia


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Philosophy), Drury University
  • Master of Science (Counseling Psychology), Evangel University
  • Danielle Day's LinkedIn profile

Bio and Interests

I have been counseling and teaching for more than a dozen years, and have worked with almost every population in mental health. I believe we all author our own stories, sometimes without realizing it. One of my passions is helping clients make sense of their experiences. I want us to understand how and what factors have come together to create the situation bringing you to therapy. Together, we can untangle that and figure out how to write a new story. My approach is to solve what we can, then learn to cope with the rest. I work with clients to improve life through relaxation, health, and understanding how our thoughts are impacting our feelings and behaviors. When I'm not working, you can generally find me at the gym, on a bike, walking my dog, or packing a suitcase to travel—anywhere!