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Marc Gotbaum

Dr. Marc Gotbaum

Current Position: L2, Behavioral Health Lead- California

Languages: English

Specialties: Family therapy, psychotherapy, trauma and disaster mental health

About Dr. Marc Gotbaum

With over 35 years of experience in psychology and counseling, Dr. Marc Gotbaum brings decades of experience with hundreds of patients to Babylon. Dr. Gotbaum has experience as a working therapist along with experience as a clinical director and an administrator. He brings those skills to Babylon as a telehealth psychotherapist, available to provide services to patients in California.

Dr. Gotbaum has a special interest in providing trauma therapy, including working with patients who have suffered child abuse, sexual assault, PTSD during and after service in the armed forces, and other traumatic experiences. He’s spent over 35 years in a private practice, providing individual, couples, and family psychotherapy services. Dr. Gotbaum also works with relationship and marital counseling, providing counseling for couples and families for interpersonal relationship issues.

While providing therapy, Dr. Gotbaum employs several approaches, including attachment-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), emotionally-focused therapy, family systems therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. He can help patients develop skills and coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety, child abuse, divorce, depression, loss and grief, separation anxiety, domestic violence, and more. Dr. Gotbaum brings a sense of mindfulness and humanity to his patient care, helping to keep patients grounded and understand their mental health.

Dr. Gotbaum lives in and works out of California.



LMFT, Trauma Specialist, Hypnotherapist, EMD/R, Expert Witness; Child Abuse, Sexual Assault from the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences, Superior Court, ICISF Disaster Mental Health, CCATP- Anxiety Treatment Credential


  • Master of Science (Psychology), USIU/CSPP
  • Doctoral Studies- USIU/CSPP
  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology), Ryokan College

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Bio and Interests

In the 3 decades of clinical practice, my approach to psychotherapy has become more integrative and a better reflection of who I am, all while maintaining professional fidelity in the delivery of services. As the son of a traditional physician and a mother who was a Buddhist nun (Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki, etc.), I have learned there are always different ways of understanding. All methods that provide awareness, understanding, and a means to define or redefine one's experience are potential sources of healing. Mindfulness, breath-work, and meditation are tools for kinder attitudes toward self and others and can help ease the discomfort of trying something new (therapeutic change via evidence-based practices). Working with combat veterans, sexual assault survivors, and victims of disaster present immediate and long term challenges that must be met. Strong theoretical understanding and evidence-based practices can be best delivered compassionately.