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Babylon Health

All About Our Dieticians

When you’ve decided to take steps towards a healthier life, get the support you need from our Babylon dieticians. Schedule an appointment to talk to a nutritionist and begin crafting your healthy lifestyle today.

Hand holding video conference phone with Dietician

What Do Dieticians Do?

Dieticians, similar to nutritionists, help you monitor and adjust your diet to suit the lifestyle you want to build. Whether you want to lose weight, feel healthier, have more energy, lower blood pressure, or meet some other specific goal, dieticians can help you build a nutrition plan to meet your goal. Dieticians can advise you on what you eat, recommend foods to eat or avoid, and help you craft strategies for sticking to your plan.

Nutrition Advice Tailored for You

Everyone’s body works differently, which is why Babylon nutritionists don’t provide one-size-fits-all plans. When you create a diet plan with your dietician, it will be a plan specific to YOU. When you check in to monitor your progress, your nutritionist may edit the plan to give you better results. If you’ve been struggling to stick with diets, put aside your worry. Our providers work with your body and its needs to make a plan that sticks.

What Should I Expect from a Virtual Dietician?

Once you’ve downloaded the Babylon app and scheduled your appointment, you’ll receive a video call through the app. Your dietician will use this private meeting to help you build a diet and exercise plan to meet your health goals. Be ready to discuss your specific goals with your nutritionist. Once they know more about you, your dietician will make recommendations on what, when, and how much to eat to achieve the results you want.

Kinds of Care Offered by Dieticians

Dieticians work mainly with advice and creating lifestyle plans with you. They cannot prescribe medication. At your virtual appointment, a dietician may:

  • Create a diet plan with you
  • Recommend foods that you should be eating
  • Recommend foods that you should avoid
  • Educate you on how your diet and weight may affect other health conditions
  • Advise you on tactics for maintaining your healthier lifestyle
  • Recommend exercise

Once you’ve created a plan, you can schedule follow-up appointments to check in. Your nutritionist may take the opportunity to get rid of ideas that aren’t working or tweak the plan to fit new habits or medications. Get started with a dietician to improve your health right from your home.