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All About Babylon LGBT Doctors and Therapists

Whether you’re looking for LGBT-specific care or just need a primary care physician who understands LGBT issues, Babylon is proud to offer a range of LGBT clinicians for video appointments. Once you download the Babylon app, you can schedule an appointment and choose an LGBT healthcare professional.

LGBT Doctor
Hand holding video conference phone with LGBT Doctor

What Makes LGBT Doctors and Therapists Different?

In one way, our LGBT doctors and therapists are no different than other healthcare providers. You’ll get the same exceptional care and treatments as you will from other providers. LGBT doctors can diagnose the same primary care issues while LGBT therapists can offer counseling for anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. However, our LGBT physicians also offer a perspective and understanding of LGBT issues. These include everything from prescribing medications that can be taken with hormones to understanding unique challenges that LGBT patients face.

Care That’s Safe and Accessible

At Babylon, we want to make sure that you feel secure while receiving your medical care. Our LGBT clinicians work to create a safe space, so you can access basic or specialized care without fear. As with all other medical professionals, your virtual appointments and medical information are completely secure and confidential. If you need your care to stay private, you can rest assured that it will.

What to Expect from a Virtual Appointment with an LGBT Doctor/Therapist

A virtual appointment with your LGBT clinician will feel mostly like any other Babylon appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, your healthcare provider will connect with you via the Babylon app.

A LGBT doctor can discuss symptoms, make specialist referrals, plan hormone replacement therapy, and create a treatment plan for any common illnesses you may be experiencing. With an LGBT therapist, you can make an appointment to discuss any issues you’ve been having. They treat common mental illnesses, with an understanding of the nuance added by any LGBT-specific struggles.

What Can LGBT Clinicians Offer?

LGBT doctors offer the following services for LGBT patients, in addition to the normal care they offer as primary care physicians:

  • Planning hormone replacement therapy
  • Prescribing medications that won’t interfere with hormones
  • Measuring and tracking the progress of a medical transition
  • Making referrals for top or bottom surgery

When you make an appointment with an LGBT therapist, you can discuss how your identity intersects with any mental illness. Get the support you need, whether your identity is directly linked with any issues you’ve been facing or you simply want a LGBT clinician to make you feel safer.

Schedule an appointment with an LGBT healthcare provider in the Babylon app.