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All About Babylon Nurses

Providing invaluable support to doctors throughout medical specialties, nurses keep appointments and procedures running smoothly. At Babylon, our nurses provide the best remote care to patients like you.

Hand holding video conference phone with nurse

What Do Nurses Do?

Nurses provide necessary support to physicians. Beyond interacting with patients and collecting routine medical data, like weight, height, and other patient details, nurses provide a lot of behind-the-scenes aid. From compiling data to assisting in complex procedures, nurses provide essential backup to your doctors.

Nursing: Home Care At Its Best

Nurses are often the medical professionals who provide at-home care in person. It’s no surprise, then, that our Babylon nurses help provide remote care via video call. Telenursing isn’t so different from interacting with a nurse at a doctor’s office. Your nurse will ask some basic questions and maybe take some readings. This is to prepare you for an appointment with a doctor or to provide basic care themselves.

What to Expect From A Virtual Visit with a Nurse

Like in a physical doctor’s office, your nurse will likely ask for your height and weight to add to your charts. You can take your weight with your bathroom scale, or provide a close estimate. Afterward, they will review your symptoms, including any visual examination that can be done via camera. If you have a routine medical issue, your nurse may go over symptom management and next steps. If your care needs to be passed on to a doctor, they’ll provide a referral.

What Can Telehealth Nurses Offer?

As in any setting, the main function of a Babylon nurse is to streamline the remote health process and perform more basic health tasks. When you have a video appointment with a nurse, they can:

  • Ask for basic health information
  • Monitor vitals via remote-capable implanted devices
  • Review medical history
  • Review symptoms
  • Offer education on managing symptoms
  • Answer patient questions
  • Advice on basic medical issues
  • Give specialist referrals
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with a Babylon doctor
  • ...and find out what else Babylon clinicians can treat

Nurses offer basic medical care for common problems, such as cold and flu symptoms or signs of allergies. They cannot prescribe medication, though they can refer you to a doctor who can. If you require care that a nurse cannot give, your attendant nurse will help you schedule your next appointment with a specialist.

Ready for better healthcare?

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