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Babylon Health

All About Babylon Pharmacists

When your doctor prescribes the medication you or your child needs to be healthy, you can send the prescription to one of our trusted Babylon pharmacists. With expert pharmacologists developing your medications and expert pharmacists providing them to you, you know you’re getting the best care Babylon has to offer.

Hand holding video conference phone with Pharmacist

What Do Pharmacists Do?

If you’ve been to the doctor regularly, chances are you’ve had medication prescribed to you before. From a course of antibiotics to handle an infection to recurring medication to manage a chronic condition, medicines can vastly improve your condition when sick. A pharmacist is responsible for dispensing medication as the doctor prescribes to their patients. They can also advise patients on medication use or on interactions with other, over-the-counter remedies.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise

It’s the job of any pharmacist to know exactly what they’re giving any patient who uses their services. That’s why Babylon only partners with expert pharmacists who provide top care to you. We work with pharmacists who can give expert advice on any medications prescribed by your doctor. They can also answer questions about medication use and side effects. Get all the information you need to feel secure in your medication use.

What to Expect from Your Virtual Pharmacist

Once you’ve had an appointment with a Babylon primary care physician, they may prescribe medication that you need to get healthy. Your doctor can send the prescription directly to one of Babylon’s expert pharmacists to be filled. Once your prescription has been filled, you can pick up the medication for your use along with detailed instructions and information about the meds. Some pharmacies will deliver right to your door, so check the services offered by your pharmacy.

What Care Do Pharmacists Offer Remotely?

Pharmacists can often fill a prescription for your medications without you having to set foot in the pharmacy. Once your doctor sends the prescription in, your Babylon pharmacist can:

  • Fill your prescription
  • Alert you when it’s ready for pickup
  • Deliver medications directly to you (only offered in select locations)
  • Answer questions about medication use and side effects
  • Advise you on medication interactions
  • Recommend over-the-counter remedies to supplement prescription meds
  • Set up automatic refills of recurring medication for chronic illness

If you choose not to use a Babylon pharmacist, your doctor can still send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. Cost of medication depends on your insurance plan, so please check your health insurance plan to see your payment options.