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All About Babylon Primary Care Providers

Every day, our Babylon primary care providers offer remote medical services to patients around the country. When you see a primary care physician through Babylon, you know you’re signing up for exceptional care from exceptional medical practitioners.

Primary care physician
Hand holding a video conference phone with a doctor

What is Primary Care?

A primary care provider (PCP) is what jumps to most people’s minds when they think of ‘going to the doctor’. PCPs are physicians that offer services like routine checkups, specialist referrals, and care for basic illnesses. You might visit a PCP with concerns about cold and flu, UTIs, coughing, fever, nausea, rashes, and more.

Convenient, Compassionate Care

With Babylon, getting in touch with a primary care physician is easy. Once you download the Babylon app, you can schedule an appointment and see a doctor later that same day. From the comfort of your home, you can discuss symptoms, treatment plans, and any necessary medications or referrals.

Babylon works with exceptional care providers to offer you exceptional care. Our doctors work to restore and maintain your health. We offer care that’s not only professional and complete, but compassionate. Feel secure when you trust your care to Babylon physicians.

What to Expect from a Primary Care Provider Virtual Visit

When you schedule an appointment with a PCP, you’ll get same-day care, provided remotely via video conferencing. You’ll be able to take your PCP’s video call through the Babylon app. Once there, your doctor will run through the symptoms giving you trouble and move through a series of recommendations and treatment options. After the appointment, you’ll be able to review the doctor’s notes in the app.

What Care Can Primary Care Providers Offer?

Primary care providers are your first stop for non-emergency medical care and questions. They can provide basic and urgent care, but if you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should seek help from 911 or the emergency room.

PCPs offer care for patients experiencing a range of symptoms. Seek out an appointment with a PCP for cases such as:

Primary care providers can answer your medical questions or refer you to more specialized doctors who can. They can write doctor’s notes, prescribe medicine, and order blood tests as part of your treatment plan.

Ready for better healthcare?

Download the Babylon app now to check your availability and start searching for your primary care provider. You can select a specific PCP from our partners or let us help you choose your doctor.

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