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All About Babylon Social Workers

Communities and families thrive with care, which is why Babylon partners with the best social workers to support healthy families. They’re trained to assist in difficult situations and to identify and help people who are struggling. When you meet with a social worker through Babylon, you’ll get caring attention to make sure you and your family’s needs are met.

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Hand holding video conference phone with social worker

What Do Social Workers Do?

Social workers, also known as caseworkers or welfare workers, ensure the welfare of individuals and families. There are direct social workers, who help people through difficult, everyday problems. Then there are clinical social workers, who function more on the medical side of things. They can diagnose mental illness and behavioral or emotional issues and offer treatment. When you work with a clinical social worker, you can receive all-around care that helps you get back on your feet after a difficult time.

Addressing Mental and Behavioral Issues with Compassion

Our partner social workers are trained to handle people who are dealing with turmoil. Even when a situation gets difficult, you’ll get compassionate care for yourself and/or your family.

You might associate caseworkers with children, but they deal with problems faced at all ages. Mental and emotional well-being can be challenged throughout your life. When it is, welfare workers step in to help.

What to Expect from a Social Worker Virtual Appointment

When you meet with a social worker, the number one thing you can expect is care. Your social worker cares about your situation, and they’re available to help you past any difficulties. More technically, you’ll be scheduling an appointment with a social worker through the Babylon app. At the time of your appointment, your caseworker will use the app to make a secure, private video call to discuss your situation. Together, you’ll build a plan for moving forward that suits your needs. You may need to schedule follow-up appointments.

What Care Do Social Workers Offer?

Social workers offer the kind of mental, behavioral, and emotional support needed by those going through tough times in their lives. When you book an appointment, our clinical social workers may provide some of the following services:

  • Diagnosing mental illness, like anxiety or depression
  • Running individual, couples, family, or group therapy sessions
  • Discussing the difficulties in your life
  • Offering advice or aid in creating a plan to address these difficulties
  • Helping you cope with upheaval or change
  • Working to develop coping mechanisms and healthy behavior
  • ...and more

While clinical social workers can provide therapy services, they may also refer you to another therapist for appointments. Your treatment plan is tailored to you and may look different from a “standard” treatment plan. When you book your appointment, you can choose your caseworker or let us help you find the appropriate person.

Meet our Social Workers