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Babylon Health
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Health care on demand with Babylon

Doctor appointments and all the tools you need to manage your health, for you and your family, at no extra cost.

Get unlimited doctor appointments with Babylon

Download the Babylon app. Enter the membership code HMONM to ensure you and your family access no-cost appointments through your HMO health plan.

Or register online without a code.

Babylon gives you and your family unlimited doctor appointments, plus 24/7 access to digital health tools focused on nutrition, activity, mood and more.

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Here's what you and your family get with Babylon:

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Unlimited doctor appointments

Talk to a doctor at a time it suits you on a video or phone call.

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Check your symptoms

Check your symptoms instantly and get recommended next steps.

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Have prescriptions sent straight to the nearest pharmacy, at your convenience.

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Answer questions to help you identify your risk factors and learn how to stay healthy long-term.

How to get started

Here’s our handy user guide to get you and your family set up with Babylon.

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Q. What is my membership code, and how do I add it?

A. If you register online here, you do not need to enter a code.

If you register on the Babylon app, your membership code is HMONM

To add your membership code to your account during app registration:

  1. Download the Babylon app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Sign up
  3. Select I have a code when promoted
  4. Enter HMONM

If you already have a Babylon account:

  1. Open the Babylon app and sign in
  2. Select ‘Me’
  3. Select ‘Membership’
  4. Select ‘Membership Type’
  5. Add HMONM under ‘Enter Membership code’

If you are experiencing any problems adding your code, get in touch with our support team and they will assist you. Phone 1-800-475-6168 Email [email protected]
If you register on the app, and do not enter your membership code HMONM, you may be charged for appointments.

Q. Can I add family to my account?

A. If your family members are covered under your HMO plan, they get unlimited access to Babylon, by entering the HMONM code when registering on the Babylon app.

If you have family members who aren’t covered under your HMO Plan, they can still register with Babylon and use our digital health tools for free, but will be charged for appointments.

Please see our user guide for a step-by-step guide on how to add family members.

Q. Will I be charged for using Babylon?

A. Unlimited use of Babylon is included as part of your HMO plan. Your family members covered under your HMO plan also get unlimited use of Babylon.

If you sign up using the Babylon app, you must enter code HMONM when registering, this will ensure you are not charged.

Q. How do I book an appointment?

Q. What times are appointments available?

A. 7am - 11pm local time.

Q. How do Babylon prescriptions work?

A. During your video appointment, the health care provider will assess whether you need a prescription.

If a prescription is required, the health care provider will ask which pharmacy you would like your prescription sent to.

The prescription will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice and will be available for you to pick up shortly, typically within the hour.

You may need to provide proof of identification at the pharmacy to be able to collect your prescription.

Q. How do Babylon referrals work?

A. To request a referral to a specialist, please book a digital appointment with one of our health care providers.

If a referral is required, our support team will help locate a suitable local specialist for you.

You can get in touch with the support team to confirm your specialist at 1 (800) 475-6168.

Q. Can I get Babylon doctor appointments outside of New Mexico?

A. Yes, you can have Babylon doctor appointments anywhere in the US.

Q. Can I use the Babylon app if I am not part of the HMO benefit?

A. Employees who aren’t enrolled in the HMO plan can still download the Babylon app and register. They can use the digital health tools on the Babylon app for free, but currently, will be charged Babylon’s PAYG rate for appointments.

Q. Can Babylon prescribe controlled substances?

A. Per regulations, Babylon are not currently able to prescribe controlled substances.