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Babylon Health

Babylon connects you to all the care you need.

Access doctors 24/7 at no cost through the Babylon app, available through Magnolia Health

Download the Babylon app and register using the health plan code MH360

Or register quickly and easily online.

Register with your Medicaid ID and get a $15 Welcome Gift!

Enter your health plan code

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When prompted for a health plan code enter:


Your health plan code will give you access to
 Babylon video appointments at no cost.

Need help?
Phone 1-800-475-6168
Email [email protected]

Here’s what you get with the Babylon app:

Book an appointment

Get 24/7 virtual appointments for primary and urgent care, mental and behavioral health, and more

Check your symptoms

Answer questions about your symptoms and our AI-powered Symptom Checker can analyze your symptoms, potential causes and possible next steps.

Get a prescription

Our virtual doctors can prescribe certain medications, like antibiotics, antivirals, birth control, and other medicines. Get treatment for everything from a UTI to the flu.

Assess your current health

Use our Healthcheck tool to create a report of your overall current health. It can help you identify your risk factors and learn how to stay healthy.

What our members say about us

“The best doctors visit I've ever had. Wish I could use this doctor and app for the rest of my life.”

Benjamin B.

General Medicine

“I really enjoyed my first experience with Babylon. I'm so happy to have Babylon in my corner.”

Cristy T.

General Medicine

"Utilizing Babylon has been one of the best experiences I've had with the medical field, hands down."

Taylor M.


How to sign up for 24/7 healthcare

How to book an appointment

User guide

Here's our handy user guide to get you and 
your family set up with Babylon. You'll need 
your insurance/health plan card handy to 
confirm your eligibility.


How do I see a doctor online?

After setting up your Babylon account, select the appointments tab. From there, you can

  • Select an appointment
  • Enter the reason for appointment
  • Select the date and time of your appointment
  • Request a translator (if needed)

When first booking an appointment with us, you can filter by gender. You can also rebook with a Babylon provider you have seen before. When the day of your appointment comes, your provider will call you through the Babylon app.

What do online doctors treat?

Our online doctors can treat a number of medical conditions. Typically, 80% of health issues can be handled by a video appointment*. From a sore throat or the flu to eczema, skin infections, and other skin conditions to a consultation for COVID-19. Anything you could see a primary care doctor for, we can treat. We also include treatment for developmental disorders like ADHD, pediatric issues, allergies, and more.

* Based on research from Cal Matters, Kaiser Permanente, and internal UK data from Babylon GP at Hand

Virtual doctors can also request lab tests, recommend specialists, prescribe medications, and more. See our What We Treat page for a full list of medical conditions we treat online.

What will a virtual doctor visit cost?

With a qualified health insurance plan, our telehealth services are available at no cost to you, with a $0 copay.

How fast can I see a doctor?

If you have non-life-threatening concerns about your health and wellness, you can book a virtual appointment to see a doctor on-demand. With Babylon, you can usually see a provider within half an hour.

Can virtual doctors prescribe medications?

Yes, our virtual doctors can prescribe certain medications, like antibiotics, antivirals, birth control, and other medicines. Get treatment for everything from a UTI to the flu. If your medication requires an in-person visit, our providers can refer you to visit a doctor's office.

Can I get help for mental health issues online?

We offer therapy and psychiatry services for addressing mental health issues for patients with select health plans. Online therapy services include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) / psychotherapy (talk therapy) and prescriptions. Online counseling from licensed therapists and healthcare providers can help you manage your symptoms for a variety of mental and behavioral health issues.

When can I make a virtual doctor appointment?

You can book an appointment with a healthcare professional any time, 24/7. Whenever is most convenient for you!

Healthcare you deserve. Get started today.

Download the Babylon app and enter the code MH360. Or, register online here.

All available at no-cost through Magnolia Health.

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