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Millions of people across the world don’t have access to basic healthcare. We’re here to help change that. Our mission is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone on Earth.

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We’re working to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges

By combining our AI with human medical expertise, we’re working to democratize healthcare for everyone on Earth. To make healthcare more affordable, we use AI and technology to help our doctors and nurses make more informed decisions. And to make healthcare accessible, we deliver it through the mobile devices patients already own.

We’re breaking down the barriers to healthcare

By localizing our technology and services, we can make healthcare accessible and affordable anywhere. That’s why we partner with governments, NGOs, health facilities, and other community-focused organizations in low-income countries. Our community-based approach helps break down the traditional barriers between people and healthcare.

Technology can care for our health systems

We believe that offering AI at scale is a cost-effective way of delivering healthcare to entire populations. By helping people understand how to access the right self-care, and giving them the right acute care when they need it, we’re working to relieve pressure on overstretched health systems.

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We keep building on our experience

Since 2014, we’ve been building one of the most progressive solutions to healthcare in the developing world. By partnering with the Government of Rwanda, we’ve built digital health services to better suit the needs of Rwandans.


20% of entire population registered


5,200 consultations every day


50% reduction in unit costs of consultations


95% to 97% of 4- and 5-star ratings


Babylon Rwanda data (2016 to 2021) and World Bank (2020).


Babylon Rwanda data (2020).


Rwanda patient survey (2021).

Our Partners include

  • Rwanda
  • Higi
  • National Health Service
  • First Choice Medical Group

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