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Jessica's Story

"It was a relief to have a diagnosis and to know it wasn't something I did as a parent"

This is the story of Jessica and her daughter’s struggle with mental health.

Being a parent isn’t easy. You put yourself under constant pressure. You’re always questioning yourself. Are you being a good parent? Are the kids physically and mentally healthy? If something goes wrong, how can you help them? This is the story of a mother who saw her daughter struggle, and did everything she could to get her child the right care.

“Every day is different.”

Meet Jessica, a 35-year-old, “stay-at-home” mom from Bloomfield, Missouri. She lives with her husband and their 6 children. 4 of their kids are in school. The other 2 are just about to start preschool. Jessica admits that her life is chaotic. “Every day is different. I take care of the kids, running around, making sure everyone gets to their appointments, and that everybody is kept well.”

“It’s hard for me to say ‘I know where you’re coming from’ because sometimes, I don’t.”

Jessica’s household is a busy one. She admits that there’s always something going on with the kids. If it’s not accidents and “boo boos”, it’s mental health or behavioral problems. “Most people see doctors for (when) accidents happen. But in our house, we struggle with different kinds of healthcare and issues”. For Jessica’s family, it’s her eldest daughter who struggles with her mental health the most. “I watch my daughter go through so many things that I didn’t go through. It’s hard for me to say ‘I know where you’re coming from’ because sometimes, I don’t.”

“Something is wrong.”

Despite not fully understanding her daughter’s mental health difficulties, Jessica understood anxiety. She knew that something was wrong. Eventually, when her daughter turned 9, Jessica reached out to a psychologist. After an assessment, the doctor diagnosed Jessica’s daughter with mental health problems. “It was a relief to have a diagnosis, and to know it wasn’t something I did as a parent…or that I hadn’t done enough”.

“I’ve set her up with a behavioral therapist through Babylon”.

These days, Jessica’s daughter sees a behavioral therapist through Babylon. Jessica is grateful for how “sweet and understanding” the therapist has been with her daughter. The therapist “knows her stuff” according to Jessica. She speaks to the therapist regularly, before or after the sessions with her daughter.

“Everyone’s in their own comfort zone.”

Jessica is glad that she has Babylon by her side. She finds it accessible, as her nearest doctor is almost an hour away. Using Babylon means zero travel and not having to spend money on gas. Jessica also enjoys the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about dealing with 6 children stuck in waiting rooms. Most importantly, she’s relieved that her daughter is in good hands.

Digital appointments have made life easier for Jessica’s family. They can all get the care they need, from the comfort of their home. So whether it’s her daughter’s mental health or any other health issues, Jessica knows that Babylon is always there for them. Being a parent isn’t easy. But a parent’s life can be made a little easier with services like Babylon.