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Babylon Health

Jessica K's Story

This is the story of Jessica and how she manages her complicated health issues.

As for most people, the pandemic was an incredibly stressful time and had a major impact on our lives. For Jessica, it was probably one of the most stressful times of her life. Having lost her home and job, she was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

After receiving her diagnosis, the first thing Jessica did was call her specialist. However due to the pandemic and rise of practitioners quitting or being overworked, she couldn’t book an appointment. This was incredibly frustrating for Jessica but she didn’t give up. Eventually she spoke to a nurse from her specialist’s office who informed her that they knew she had Crohn’s all along. Confused and upset, Jessica felt abandoned and let down by her specialist. Why had no one contacted her to schedule a consultation or inform her of her health problem? Just as she was losing faith in the healthcare system, she received a card in her mail from Babylon. The idea of booking an appointment with a provider and seeing them that same day, was a blessing for Jessica. She made an appointment and was blown away by the experience.

Jessica loved the fact that all her medical information was in one place. It allowed both her and the provider to focus on her current health rather than go through her diagnosis and previous issues. Meaning that not only was her appointment super easy and stress free, it only took 30 minutes in total. She finally felt seen and heard. Jessica was finally being given the treatment and care she deserved.

Since using Babylon, all of Jessica’s appointments have been in depth and precise. She loves the ease of Babylon and that you can book an appointment any time of the day, whether that’s in the morning or in the middle of the night. “I can be in the comfort of my own home. I can be sitting in my vehicle or taking my lunch break at work.”.

The ease of Babylon has made Jessica’s life easier when managing her health. She no longer has to stress about appointments or feeling abandoned by the healthcare system.