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Babylon Health

Zoe's Story

"I feel like most people my age would prefer Babylon over anything in-person"

This is the story of Zoe and how she navigates middle school and her mental health

Middle school is as confusing a time as it gets. Navigating changes in your body, evolving from a child to a young adult and managing a volatile social scene, middle schoolers are undergoing changes in every direction. This is the story of a young woman who is learning to advocate for herself and her mental health while surviving middle school.

“The thing I’m passionate about is art and sports”

Meet Zoe, a 14 year old eighth grader living in Missouri. As the head manager of her volleyball team, her schedule is filled with practices and games. Zoe admits it takes “forever to get ready” for her weekdays spent at school. Like her classmates, she’s a normal teen. “I get on the bus, I go to school and I go to volleyball practice or a game. Then I come home, do my chores and homework and then I go to bed.”

“It was kind of hard to find someone who knew what I had. It took me a good year to get diagnosed”

After waiting a year to obtain a correct diagnosis, Zoe suddenly found herself unable to eat some of her favourite food. Her newfound allergy to “red meat” prompted her to make some drastic changes to her diet. “Kind of made me spiral into a depression… It was kind of sad.” Most people think of Zoe as an organised person. While she’s always prepared and is ready for anything, she feels it's far from the truth. “I’m a mess.”

“My experience using the app… I felt a lot safer… I was in the comfort of my own home”

Zoe has a hard time opening up. Her prior experience with in-person therapy has been uncomfortable. On top of speaking about vulnerable topics, there’s an extra layer of discomfort being in a space that’s not your own. “There’s something about it that gives it an edge.” At Babylon, patients are able to see patients in the comfort of their own home. Having that stability allows Zoe to open up in ways she hasn’t been able to connect with in-person therapists. “I would say it was a really, really good experience.”

“She was probably one of the best therapists I’ve ever had”

Zoe isn’t the only one who has noticed a difference in her wellbeing, her mom feels the relief as well. “My mom was kind of scared to let me do it but [now] she’s really, really happy that she let me… because I’m way better off than I was.” While she acknowledges her own progress, Zoe can’t help thinking about the young adults around her. “I’ve had friends that have had suicidal thoughts in the past, so it’s really hard to hear that as someone who has therapy [when] they can’t get therapy.” Her friends have also noticed that Zoe has “a lot more things figured out”, and the Babylon sessions have allowed her opportunities to explore ways to manage anxiety. “I have a lot more ways to cope now.”

“I feel like most people my age would prefer Babylon over anything in-person”

Not only has Babylon given her the tools she needs to manage her mental health, Zoe notes on the convenience of being able to schedule her appointments whenever she needs. Just like her classmates, Zoe often has to miss school or practice to go to typical in-person appointments. “It’s kind of an inconvenience to get out of the house and be pulled out of school when you can just do it after school or something like that.” Babylon removes that obstacle for her, allowing her to put her education first. “I 100% recommend it… sometimes you can get appointments on Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s even better. “

“They treat you like your family and they don’t stop until you feel better”

Zoe believes that it’s rare to find doctors that genuinely care for their patients. At Babylon, she’s had a different experience. From the ease of scheduling appointments to the level of care she has received, Zoe’s time with Babylon has been fulfilling. “I’ve noticed most Babylon people do care for you on a personal level.” As hard as middle school is with all of the challenges young adults face, Zoe has managed to find an incredible support system through Babylon.