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Information to Patients Related to Reproductive Health

We are committed to reproductive health and offering the full range of reproductive health options.

Friday, June 24th marked a historic day in US history. The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and roll back 50 years of U.S. national access to safe abortion care. This decision will impact the lives of millions of women, girls, pregnant people and families across the US.

At Babylon, we strongly believe women should have the right to access quality, safe and legal reproductive care wherever they live worldwide, and we are committed to protecting comprehensive health care at every stage of a woman’s life. Our doors are always open to everyone and anyone, and we will never turn anyone away through our 24/7 virtual care.

Babylon continues to support offering the full range of reproductive options for women. See the resource guide that we've created below.

Resource Guide

Contraception (“Birth Control”)

There are different kinds of birth control. Some which require a virtual consultation with prescription and some which require an in-person visit. At Babylon we provide access to contraception that does not require an in person visit such as the pill, patch, ring, shot, and emergency contraception (“morning after pill”).

Importantly, these forms of contraceptives do not require payments for Babylon patients who have insurance (including Medicaid, Medicare, or other commercial insurance). In other words, they are free.

How to get birth control from Babylon:

We’re here for you and it’s easy. If you need birth control:

  • Book a phone or video consultation with one of our providers. If you know what you want the provider may ask you a few questions to check if the contraception you want is safe for you. In the case of combined hormonal contraception we may ask for your blood pressure. If you need help deciding what’s right for you, the provider will help you understand your options and answer your questions.
  • Get a prescription - you’ll get an electronic prescription you can use to collect your contraception from a pharmacy or get it delivered.

What kinds of birth control can Babylon provide for you?

Note: Babylon cannot get you some forms of birth control that has to be given in person. These include “long acting reversible contraception” or LARC, like implants placed under the skin (such as Nexplanon), intrauterine devices or “IUDs” (like Mirena), and the every 3-month Depo shot. If you prefer these methods we can help you locate a health center for these to be administered in person. If helpful, you can also head over to Bedsider’s health center finder, or Planned Parenthood’s web site to find a health care provider near you who can help with these kinds of contraception. (Babylon can still help bridge that gap while you are waiting for an appointment for a LARC to start a method of birth control to bridge you until you get your LARC.)

Emergency Contraception (“Morning After” Pill)

This is another form of birth control that can be taken safely and effectively within a few days after unprotected sex to prevent a pregnancy.

Please visit our comprehensive guide to emergency contraception here.

There are two main types of emergency contraception: pills and the copper IUD.

Babylon can prescribe all types of emergency contraception pills that you can pick up at a pharmacy at no cost. In other words, the pills are free if you have a prescription from Babylon (or any other clinician).

There are two types of pills:

  • Levonorgestrel type (Plan B) - to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and can be bought by anybody from most pharmacies without a prescription. The benefit of having a prescription from Babylon is that the pills are then free.
  • Ulipristal acetate (such as ella) is prescription only and again free with Babylon. It works better for most woman to prevent pregnancy than the pill with levonorgestrel. It can be used up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

How to get emergency contraception from Babylon:

  • Book a phone or video consultation with one of our doctors as soon as possible. The sooner you use emergency contraception the better. Our doctors can discuss your options and give you a prescription if needed so getting the medication is free.

We cannot provide the copper IUD (which is the most effective form of emergency contraception) as it needs to be inserted by a doctor within 5 days of sexual activity.

Pregnancy Termination ("Abortion”)

(Provided for informational purposes only. Babylon cannot advise as to the specific options available in your location. Legal restrictions may apply in some places.)

There are two ways of ending a pregnancy:

In some states, you can can have an abortion visit online and get your abortion pills mailed to you. At this time, Babylon does not directly prescribe abortion pills.

Our providers can help you understand the options available to you, determine how far along your pregnancy is, and help you get the care you need. Another option if you need help just talking through your choices in a non-judgmental, medically informed manner is to call the All-Options Talkline at 888-493-0092. You can also download the National Abortion Federation's pamphlet.

You can find abortion providers at:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Plan C is a directory of tele-abortion providers
  • Hey Jane also provides tele-abortion in CA, CO, IL, NM, NY, and WA

If you need help paying for an abortion you can visit
You can also donate to your local abortion fund to show you’re invested in abortion access for all.

If you need support, book an appointment in the app or call: 1-800-475-6168

Have Legal Questions?

This state by-state-guide has timely information about abortion laws.

Some people choose to manage their own abortion because they cannot go to a clinic. You can get abortion pills for future use from Women on Web and Aid Access, which provide reproductive health services to people in countries that restrict them and they also offer services in many languages. If you’re considering self managing abortion there may be legal or other risks.

The Repro Legal Helpline provides free and confidential legal advice that can help people better understand the laws and legal risks they may face. If you’re considering self-managing an abortion, call the helpline. They also defend people who are prosecuted or threatened with prosecution for self managed abortion. Contact them or call 844-868-2812. This fact sheet also has some great information about legal issues.

Plan C has more information about the difference between getting an abortion from a doctor or nurse, and a self-managed abortion, including legal considerations.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women: NAPW defends women who are pregnant and attempt to have abortion, actually have an abortion, or are mistaken as someone who has had an abortion.

Disclaimer: The information in this Resource Guide does not constitute legal advice and Babylon does not provide legal advice on laws and regulations concerning the subjects contained on this page. You should not consider this Resource Guide to be a substitute for obtaining professional legal advice.


How does Babylon handle my information?

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At Babylon, protecting our members’ data and privacy is of the utmost importance. To protect the privacy of our patients we apply the following protections:

  • The health information we hold is kept private and secure. Health information is vital for the clinical management of individual patients. Maintaining the confidentiality of health information is fundamental to the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals and is an integral part of the ethics of the healthcare professions. Furthermore, both common law and statute impose relevant obligations of confidentiality or require the protection of health data.
  • Our privacy and security teams, along with all Babylonians, are committed to protect our users’ data. Our users’ interests and safety are a priority- we apply protections to the data we process, including data encryption tools for privacy compliance and de-identification of datasets. We utilize pseudonymization techniques and apply data minimisation principles to all of our data processing activities, in order to protect the privacy of our patients.
  • We will not volunteer patient data to law enforcement agencies or bodies who seek to enforce state legislation. If we are absolutely legally compelled to do so via e.g. a court order, we will question what is required from us and why, and ensure we undertake full assessments from a provider, legal and privacy perspective- always prioritizing the needs and interests of our patients.
  • We do not track our patients’ location. Location services are available in the app only recorded for real-time events (e.g. finding your nearest pharmacy).
  • We do not sell health information of our patients to data brokers, or share health information with ad networks.
  • Our vendors that process information on our behalf are vetted and assessed to ensure that privacy and security impacts are addressed to protect our users. Vendors are bound by strict contractual obligations to protect user data.

Confidentiality & Security

Babylon is committed to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Security of patient is controlled through the preservation of the following:

  • Confidentiality: strong protections to ensure that data is only accessible to those authorized to access it (with stringent vetting of all authorized personnel, including technical support staff); preventing both deliberate and accidental unauthorized access to data, with multi-layered monitoring and detection capabilities.
  • Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of data, preventing unauthorized modification of data.
  • Availability: providing accessibility to data for authorized users when required ensuring physical security of data; and rapidly and resiliently responding to any incidents that threaten the continued availability of data.