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Babylon Health

All-in-one healthcare for longer, healthier lives.


Let’s face it. Healthcare today isn’t really healthcare. It’s designed to help you when it’s too late or you’re already sick. For millions of people, healthcare is also expensive, inaccessible or non-existent. To solve these challenges, we create accessible, affordable healthcare services.

How we make our services accessible and affordable

To make healthcare more affordable, we use AI and technology to help our doctors and nurses complete administrative tasks more efficiently, and gain insights to make more informed decisions. To make healthcare accessible, we deliver it through the devices people already own.

Choose care that’s right for you

From 24/7 clinical services to free digital health tools, we offer you a wide range of healthcare solutions.

  • Babylon 360

  • See a healthcare provider 24/7

  • Digital health tools

Goodbye traditional healthcare providers. Hello Babylon 360.

Meet Babylon 360. Unlike traditional healthcare providers, it focuses on both preventative and primary care. Babylon 360 gives you the tools and advice to stay healthy, and 24/7 access to care when you're sick. All from your device.

Doctor inside a phone

See a doctor, not a waiting room

Need to see a doctor or a therapist? Looking for a prescription refill? It’s easy. We give you 24/7 access to care, right from your phone. So you can see a healthcare provider without seeing a waiting room. This service is available at no extra cost, through select insurance plans.

Free digital health tools

Feeling off? Want to check your symptoms? Or want to find out how healthy you are? Our free digital health tools are here for you 24/7. Meet Symptom Checker and My Health.

Check your symptoms instantly

Answer questions about your symptoms and our AI-powered Symptom Checker can analyze your symptoms, potential causes and possible next steps.

Assess your current health

Try My Health, our digital self-care tool. It gives you deeper insights into your wellness, identifies potential risks, and offers guidance to improve your health.

Ready for better healthcare?

To unlock Babylon video appointments, download the app and register using the Babylon code provided by your health insurance. If you don't receive a Babylon code through your insurance, access our Symptom Checker and My Health for free.

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