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Babylon Health

Babylon 360 is the future

Babylon 360 is all-in-one healthcare, right from your device. It's here for you at every step of your health journey, so you can lead a healthier, longer life.

Personalized care, designed just for you

Babylon 360 Care Programs

Primary Care

Easy access to the everyday care you need

Worry less about your health with access to doctors who know you personally, and can provide the care you need for lifelong wellness.

Integrated Behavioral Health

A collaborative team of mental and behavioral health experts, a program made just for you

We help make mental healthcare more manageable with clear treatment steps, defined programs, and dedicated guidance.

Everyday Care

Daily support for a better, healthier future

Get the support you need to reduce medical stress and make everyday life with a chronic condition a little easier.

Health Assistance

Extra support for the members who need it most

Lean on Babylon for support outside of doctor’s appointments. A team of nurses, community health workers, social workers, and others are dedicated to helping you get the resources you need.

Specialty Network

Experts on call for specialist recommendations for fast, accurate guidance

Get the specialized attention you need without the long wait times of traditional consults.

Hospital Aftercare

Continued help at home after you leave the hospital

Minimize confusion and maximize confidence after coming home from a hospital visit. You can focus on your healing process knowing that an entire team is available to support you, answer questions, help you get resources, and more.

How to get started

2 - Log into your account from your phone or web browser

Get care when you need it, wherever you are.

Babylon 360 offers personalized healthcare for members, 24/7 right from your device. We provide primary care, behavioral health and support to people managing chronic conditions. Our digital tools help you keep track of your health and plan for the future. Set goals, make lifestyle changes and stay well with Babylon 360.

Feeling sick? Babylon 360 is here for you.

When you’re sick, Babylon 360 gives you 24/7 access to information, health monitoring and healthcare professionals. So you can get the right care as soon as you need it.

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Check your symptoms instantly

Use our Symptom Checker to find out what might be wrong, and understand what to do next.

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Connect to your Care Team

Get easy access to your Care Team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and more.

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Seamless referrals to specialists

Choose your doctor, so you can get the right treatment and medication.

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Get the social support you need

Need access to healthy food, transport or housing? We can connect you to your local community health services.

Feeling well? Babylon 360 is still here for you.

When you’re in good health, our doctors use Babylon 360 to create and track your personal health goals. This can help you stay out of the hospital and in control of your health.

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Gain insights about your wellbeing

Answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle and family history. So we can understand your needs.

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Meet your Care Advisor

Get matched to your Care Advisor, a registered nurse, who will guide you through your health journey.

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Choose your Primary Care Provider

Choose your doctor, so you can get the right treatment. You will also have regular checkups and wellness visits.

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Create your Care Plan

Create your Care Plan together with your doctor and Care Advisor. Set personal health goals and monitor your progress.

See how Babylon 360 works

Ready for better healthcare?

To unlock Babylon video appointments, download the app or register online using the Babylon code provided by your health insurance. If you don't receive a Babylon code through your insurance, access our Symptom Checker and My Health for free.

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