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Babylon Health

Health Assistance

Extra support for the members who need it most

Lean on Babylon for support outside of doctor’s appointments. A team of nurses, community health workers, social workers, and others is dedicated to helping you get the needed resources.

How this program works for you

Our Health Assistance program is available 24/7, like most of our services, and is designed to help patients get the care and social support they need outside of doctor appointments, like healthy food, secure housing, and access to affordable medicine. Babylon has an exceptional network of nurses, community health workers, and social workers who come together to get you the best care. Health Assistance can also help connect you to community resources to help you with transportation, scheduling appointments, follow-up, and other needs. We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to get what they need when they need it—that’s why our team works around the clock to be there for you and your family. 

Access to a network of community health workers, social workers, and other local resources

Support finding tangible resources like free transportation to and from doctors appointments

How to get started

2 - Log into your account from your phone or web browser

Who is this program for?

People unable to adhere to treatment regimens due to personal circumstances: poor access to transportation, lack of access to basic necessities, grave financial burdens.