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Babylon Health

Hospital Aftercare

Continued help at home after you leave the hospital

Minimize confusion and maximize confidence after coming home from a hospital visit. You can focus on your healing process knowing that an entire team is available to support you, answer questions, help you get resources, and more.

How this program works for you

When you visit the hospital, it can be hard to understand new treatment instructions when you’re sent home. Babylon offers Hospital Aftercare for those who need help transitioning back to their daily routine. You’ll get a Care Advisor who guides you through recovery and will connect you with resources in your community for assistance with health and social needs. Focus on healing when you get home; we’ll handle the rest.

Support connecting to doctors and specialists to schedule in-hospital procedures or care

Help when you’re in the hospital and help when out of the hospital for recovery

Resources to support you before, during, and after a hospital visit

How to get started

2 - Log into your account from your phone or web browser

Who is this program for?

Patients with limited access to support at home post-hospital visit, restricting their capacity to rest and heal, make medically sound decisions as their condition improves, or follow up with providers for further care.