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Babylon Health

Integrated Behavioral Health

A collaborative team of mental and behavioral health experts, a program made just for you

We help make mental healthcare more manageable with clear treatment steps, defined programs, and dedicated guidance.

How this program works for you

For patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, we offer personalized plans to help them get personal tools and resources to feel better and stay well. First, you'll meet a Behavioral Health Care Manager, who will be your guide through the entire process. Your Care Manager will collaborate with a primary care doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist, depending on your needs. Your team will create a comprehensive treatment plan and check in weekly with you. We know progress isn't always a straight line, and we're committed to finding a solution for every patient.

Access to resources and information specific to your condition so you can successfully manage your health and feel well more of the time. 

Peace of mind and a plan for the future, knowing you have the care and support you need

Personalized care specific to you, designed by a team of experts you can talk to 

How to get started

2 - Log into your account from your phone or web browser

Who is this program for?

People of all ages who have not had the financial means to pursue regular therapy or behavioral health treatment or the resources to connect them to the right treatment for their condition.