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Babylon Health

Specialty Network

Experts on call for fast, accurate guidance

Get the specialized attention you need without the long wait times of traditional consults.

How this program works for you

Sometimes patients need more specialized support than a primary care doctor can provide. Someone with diabetes, for example, might need advice from an endocrinologist, and for someone with high blood pressure, a cardiologist. Babylon has a system for our doctors to consult with specialists on a patient’s behalf so both the patient and their doctor can get expert insights. Babylon’s specialists can also provide referrals via virtual consultation. If you need to get to an appointment in person, Babylon can help arrange everything from scheduling to transportation.

Shorter wait times and less hassle to get specialist insights

Convenient access to specialized medical care without hours of research or phone calls

Coordination with in-person specialty care, when necessary

How to get started

2 - Log into your account from your phone or web browser

Who is this program for?

Adults and families that have traditionally relied on hospitals to get access to specialists, so lack continuity of care or a single point of contact.