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Smarter Care by Babylon

A full suite of product upgrades

One integrated, personalized, and proactive experience

Smarter Care by Babylon

A full suite of product upgrades

One integrated, personalized, and proactive experience

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Smarter care, better health

Babylon is the leading digital-first healthcare company with the technology, data insights, and clinical excellence to bring the entire health journey into one simple platform. We recently unveiled a full suite of updates making our end-to-end healthcare experience even more seamless. This is just one step of many towards a healthcare system that actually cares.

All of these updates are now a part of Babylon 360, and many of these features are also incorporated into our Babylon Cloud Services offering.

Smarter Care by Babylon

It's integrated

Babylon offers a uniquely seamless experience powered by advanced data processing and AI technology, connecting virtual and in-person services via a digital-first, end-to-end platform. Babylon is putting the future of AI in healthcare.

It's proactive

Proactive, preventative healthcare means individual health monitoring featuring personalized goals and tailored health recommendations from our care teams. This creates a more satisfying user experience and enables more effective prevention.

It's personalized

We are a personalized and integrated concierge-like service that can manage the health of entire populations in real time. We bring personalized clinical guidance to patients’ fingertips, whenever, wherever it is needed.

How AI makes it possible

Because prevention is the best medicine, AI for healthcare is the answer.

Our seamless healthcare experience is powered by a data-centric model that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI). There is constant learning happening from wearables, labs, health records, doctor’s visits, and more.  

AI for healthcare helps us to identify patterns, make relevant predictions, and develop effective care plans all while reducing costs. For example, our Health IQ risk models enable us to assess a members’ risk of admission, while our AI Advisor is driving the next generation of evidence-based care. 

At Babylon, we put expertise from thousands of medical experts, care facilities, and smart devices in the palm of your hand.

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