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Everything You Need to Know about Online Doctor’s Notes

Can you get a doctor's note from a virtual visit?

In a world of telehealth and online medical diagnosis and treatment, there are questions that show up every so often. Is it possible to get a doctor's note online? Is an online doctor's note a real doctor's note?

The answer to all these questions is yes! If you need a medical note for missing work or school, you can get a doctor's note remotely. Take your sick day worry-free.

How to get a doctor's note online

While you're chatting with your Babylon doctor about your online treatment, just remember to ask for a note excusing you for sick leave. Avoid the trap of online fake doctor's note templates. A note from Babylon is a legal document received digitally for you to print or forward to your employer or school. It is a valid excuse for you to miss work or school.

Sick notes are a part of our standard online doctor services. As long as your health insurance covers virtual medical treatment with your online primary care doctor, you can get a sick note.


Can I get a doctor's note online?

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Yes. Through an appointment with your physician, you can request a doctor's note for a work or school absence. It comes with the standard online medical care offered by our virtual doctors.

Can online doctors give doctor’s notes?

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Yes. Like in-person doctors and healthcare providers, an online doctor's excuse note can excuse you from work or school. A Babylon doctor's note is just as legitimate as a note from a doctor's office. You can usually schedule an appointment within half an hour, without the hassle of leaving your home or traveling to an office.

What is online medical care?

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Our range of telemedicine services allow you to see a doctor online at your convenience. Maintain your health and wellness while avoiding the doctor's office. It's an important part of increasing access to medicine in remote areas.

What is a virtual doctor visit?

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You can get current medical diagnosis and treatment online from a board-certified doctor. Simply schedule a primary care or urgent care online appointment for expert medical advice and a treatment plan. Your care provider may refer you to specialists, like an online mental health doctor. Simply download the Babylon app and register to see which services are available to you.

How to book a doctor appointment online?

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Babylon is one of the best virtual doctor apps for remote medicine. Register with us when you download the app. Once you have your account set up, you can set up a video call to chat with a healthcare provider.

How do virtual doctor visits work?

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After you register in the app, you can schedule an appointment. Virtual appointments are usually available within half an hour. Make sure you're in a quiet, private space with a strong WiFi connection. Your healthcare provider will start a call with you through the Babylon app. Make sure notifications from the app are allowed in your device settings. A doctor will discuss your symptoms with you. They will help you set up a treatment plan based on your needs, medical conditions, and medical history. You can access your doctor's notes on each session in the Babylon app.

What can online doctors treat?

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Online doctors can treat most of the same conditions as in-office doctors. Skip the waiting room with:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) treatment online
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) treatment online
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment online
  • alcohol or substance abuse treatment online
  • anxiety treatment online
  • depression treatment online
  • acne treatment online
  • bronchitis treatment online
  • cold/flu/strep treatment online
  • online psychology treatment

...and more. See our full list of conditions we treat online.

Can online doctors prescribe controlled substances?

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No. Our Babylon doctors cannot prescribe controlled substances, though they can prescribe other medications. An appointment with a virtual doctor does not guarantee that you will get a prescription. If you need to know how to get a prescription online, see our FAQs.