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Get Online Mental Health Therapy Services

When you’re looking to access mental health services online, the last thing you want to do is worry about your health insurance company. Luckily, if you can access Babylon, your health insurance coverage may extend to telehealth sessions with our licensed behavioral health specialists.

Accessing online mental health therapy covered by insurance

As long as you access Babylon through one of our accepted insurance providers, your insurance covers online therapy services and care for a range of mental health conditions. You can replace or augment in-office visits with online therapy sessions. Reap the health benefits of mental health treatment without having to deal with the stress of travel or going to a psychology or psychiatry office. In addition to behavioral health therapists and psychiatrists, we also have social workers that you can talk to through our telehealth services. You don’t even need to leave your own home for a therapy visit.

The cost of online mental health therapy

To see if you qualify for Babylon, visit our health plan landing page or reach out to your insurance provider to find out. After confirming eligibility, download our app and create an account with your health plan information. From your account you can make an appointment with one of our online therapists whenever it’s convenient. As for pricing, mental health care may be available to you at no charge, depending on your health plan. All you need is a working internet connection for your video sessions. There’s even less of a time commitment than traditional therapy, with no need to travel to an in-person therapy session. Start caring for your mental well-being as soon as you have an account set up.

How does a telemedicine therapy session work?

You can still get the face-to-face therapy feel without having to leave home. Our live video chat appointments help you connect with clinical social workers, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists at your convenience. Get the best online therapy for your particular struggles. Our counselors cover a wide range of specialties, including couples therapy, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, medication management, life transitions, and more.
There are many ways to address mental illness with our professional counselors. Whether you need basic counseling services or you’re looking for a specific type of therapy, you can find medical doctors and licensed counselors to help you. Once you’ve found the right therapist, you can set up a teletherapy appointment. Your therapist or counselor will start a video conferencing call with you through our mobile app at the time of your appointment. In each live session, you’ll get online counseling for whatever issues you want to bring up.


How much does online therapy cost?

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If you’re a Babylon member, online mental health therapy may be available at no cost to you, depending on your health plan. You can start scheduling your next mental wellness checkup or online therapy session as soon as you download the app, create an account and confirm your coverage. Receive mental health counseling sessions at your convenience through your health insurance coverage.

Is online therapy effective?

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Our online therapy platform is an important wellness tool for many patients. While all therapy depends on a specific patient’s needs, many people find online mental health therapy just as effective as in-person therapy*. You can access cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or talk therapy, psychotherapy, pride counseling, couples counseling, and many of the same therapy techniques you can get in person.

Can online therapy prescribe medication?

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Our board-certified primary care providers and psychiatrists can prescribe non-controlled substances. While they can provide many prescriptions, many anxiety and ADHD medications are classified as controlled substances. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or other medical doctor in your area to receive a prescription for these substances. We offer a holistic approach to treating anxiety, including convenient access to therapy and medical evaluations.

Is online therapy covered by insurance?

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Yes! As long as you can access Babylon through your insurance, you can access our mental health services. Appointments may be available to Babylon members at no cost, depending on your health plan..

Look for your specific plan on our list of accepted insurance plans.

How does online therapy work?

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The first step is to schedule an appointment for intake. During that appointment, a Babylon Health specialist will meet with you to understand what your specific needs are and which therapist may be best to assist you. You can choose to then make an appointment with that Babylon Health specialist.

Can I talk to a psychologist online for free?

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Yes! Our care providers include psychologists that can provide you with mental health services. Like our other mental health treatments, appointments with psychologists may be available at no cost to you, depending on your health plan.

What mental health issues can I get help for from Babylon?

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Our mental health professionals cover a wide variety of mental illnesses and other struggles. You can seek help for anxiety, depression, social anxiety, life transitions, PTSD, BPD, sleep disorders, and more. For a more comprehensive list, check our What We Treat page.