How babylon works

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Health advice in a flash

Not feeling yourself? Chat to babylon. You can ask quick questions, send photos and get useful advice from real doctors, from anywhere in the world.

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GP video chat

Dial a doctor in a jiffy. You can easily arrange GP consultations with registered professionals, straight from your phone. Even if you’re abroad.


Put the hiking boots down

babylon sends prescriptions to your front door, office or local pharmacy. Choose next day delivery UK-wide, or same day delivery if you’re in London. We'll even get it to you when you're abroad. 

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Health tracking and tests

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

babylon lets you track test results, activity levels and health info. So you always have an up to date picture of how you’re doing.

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Family account

Keep it in the family

Add family members to your account so you can all enjoy instant medical advice and easy GP appointments.

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User ratings

Total satisfaction

94% of our users give us 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Tell us what you think, we don’t mind if it’s bad and we take all feedback very seriously.

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