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26th Jan, 2017

babylon: bringing digital health to the world

babylon was Parsa's next brainchild and was created to solve the problem of healthcare inaccessibility. It's a service that enables users to have consultations with a GP, specialist or therapist via phone or video call, thus removing the need to physically travel to a surgery. 

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How your phone is becoming your doctor

How your phone is becoming your doctor

babylon's team of 100 artificial intelligence researchers is not merely building a lexicon of diseases — it is trying to create the world’s largest repository of medical knowledge, a superhuman doctor who can triage, diagnose and even treat you via your phone.

9th January, 2017

Reform's Andrew Haldenby on delivering medical care

Andrew Haldenby, a director of the centre-right Reform thinktank that focuses on public services, looks at how babylon, a web app and video calling could help deliver medical care.

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5th January, 2017

NHS to trial chatbot that gives medical advice

The NHS is developing the app with babylon, one of the new breed of paid, doctor on-demand services. It's actually being adapted from Babylon's existing mobile app, which features a chatbot-like symptom questionnaire users interact with before being connected with a general practitioner (GP) via video call. 

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5th January, 2017

The NHS is trialling an AI chatbot to answer your medical questions

The trial, which will run for six months, will allow people to enter their symptoms into the app and receive responses based on what they have entered. When the app is looking for answers to the questions it will consult a large database of symptoms and illnesses.

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4th January, 2017

babylon partners with UK’s NHS to replace telephone helpline with AI-powered chatbot

Instead of calling a phone number and talking to one of NHS 111’s trained operators, who aren’t necessarily medically qualified but are overseen by physicians and nurses, patients will be able to chat to babylon’s AI-powered chatbot that allows you to check symptoms instantly, and get what the startup claims is the most appropriate advice on the course of action to be taken.

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4th January, 2017

NHS to trial artificial intelligence app in place of 111 helpline

Starting at the end of January, for the next six months more than 1.2m residents of north central London, including the boroughs of Camden, Islington, Enfield and Barnet, will have access to an app that will perform triage for urgent but non-life-threatening conditions.

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2nd January, 2017

NHS 'needs telecoms-style revolution'

Ali Parsa, founder of health app babylon and the former boss of private hospital operator Circle , said the UK has "as good a chance as any other country" in becoming a leader in global healthcare - but says the sector must support growing digital health firms in order to develop a credible export.

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18th December, 2016

Hans Kinnevik-bolag vill revolutionera vården med AI

Snart kan robotar göra en läkares jobb, menar den brittiska entreprenören Ali Parsa. Med Kinnevik i ryggen vill han revolutionera läkarvården globalt, med hjälp av artificiell intelligens.

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November 29, 2016

babylon is racing against Google & Amazon to build an AI doctor

It’s the holy grail of medicine. A machine that can diagnose and treat patients, at a fraction of the cost of a human doctor. “We’re getting into a territory where our competition is the likes of Google, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple, even Facebook,” Parsa told The Memo.

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October 14th, 2016

Can Smartphone Apps Really Replace GP Appointments?

babylon, another market leader, saw recent heavy investment from the Innocent Drinks founders and is about to put £19 million into its artificial intelligence symptom-checker.

November 10, 2016

Vanguard hospital to trial private GP app provider

Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust has signed a deal with babylon for its staff to get free access to the company’s app under an agreement that could pave the way for the service to be offered to NHS patients. 

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October 22, 2016

‘Sending a rocket to Mars is difficult. We just want to put GPs on an app’

"I look like Danny DeVito, but I used to be tall and blond,” Ali Parsa jokes as he gives a guided tour around his colourful offices in London’s South Kensington. The 51-year-old Iranian-born businessman is the founder of babylon Healthcare, a start-up that is pioneering the way we access medical care.

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October 18, 2016

Technology: transforming healthcare?

Another solution to tackling infection would be to keep people out of hospitals - or the doctor’s surgery - altogether. A new App called babylon Health claims it can bring a medical diagnosis to a user’s pocket. Founder and CEO Ali Parsa took Chris Smith through the fine print...

October 14, 2016

Can Smartphone Apps Really Replace GP Appointments?

babylon, another market leader, saw recent heavy investment from the Innocent Drinks founders and is about to put £19 million into its artificial intelligence symptom-checker. 

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October 14, 2016

Meet Babylon, A Personal Doctor In Your Pocket

If you need proof that the future of healthcare has arrived then look no further than Babylon, a medical app that allows people to be treated by a hybrid of artificial intelligence and humans. Created by Iranian entrepreneur Ali Parsa in 2014, Babylon checks billions of variations of symptoms through a refined AI technology.  

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October 2, 2016

The doctor will see you now… on your smartphone

Where babylon seems to be taking the lead – and, Parsa believes, reducing the crisis of the global shortfall of doctors – is with its use of artificial intelligence. When I tried its “check a symptom” feature for the lump on my neck, I was actually being quizzed by what they consider the world’s first accurate AI triage service. 


Could This App Replace Your Doctor?

Ali Parsa’s ambitions are about as big as they come: he wants to “give affordable health care services to every human being on Earth.” His invention, babylon, is a cellphone-based health care platform that monitors users’ health and connects them with doctors. It also incorporates health data monitoring, from pulse and blood pressure to liver function, using a combination of in-phone features and at-home test kits. 

The Economist No Reflection
September 29, 2016

Accident and emergency

GP practices are also belatedly embracing technology. Only 2% of people use the internet to contact their doctor. But two practices in Essex, for example, are trialling Babylon, an app that uses machine learning to diagnose symptoms.

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September 13, 2016

Would You Invest In A Digital Doctor?

So far, we are only beginning to see AI, robotics and Care Anywhere as a means of accessing healthcare. As each of these three areas develop, and more importantly as each combines and integrates, as in the case of Babylon Health, the potential for change and the impact it will have on the role of clinicians is staggering.

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August 12, 2016

babylon's CEO on digital health’s greatest growth barrier

“Healthcare is 10% of the UK’s GDP, and 16% of the US’, and those hundreds of billions of dollars of vested interest, everybody who gets a paycheck, now has an interest in the existing system, as well as bettering the future system."

August 4, 2016

How to Move to Another Country When You Have a Mental Illness

babylon, which costs £39 per session, allows access to English-speaking therapists via a website or downloadable app. "Giving people access to digital therapy addresses several of the key barriers many face when trying to access treatment," said Rebecca Minton, therapy lead at the service. Patients can undertake consultations over the phone or online, removing the need for location-bound services.


10 jobs that A.I. and chatbots Will Take Over

Babylon is the robot that has got the British National Health Service testing it currently as it seeks to transform healthcare as we know it and looks to replace traditional doctors in various situations.