Ask A&E Regulatory

Last updated 21 January 2021

Babylon's Ask A&E service is registered under the product name 'Triage' with the MHRA and CE marked as Class I medical device.
Triage conforms to all European regulatory standards. MHRA registration number 7139.

The range of services available to you may vary depending on your particular configuration.

App Name: Triage

Version Number: 4

21 JAN 2021

Babylon Partners Ltd
60 Sloane Avenue
London, SW3 3DD, UK

+44 (0)20 7100 0762

Babylon Health Ireland Ltd
North Point Business Park
New Mallow Road, Cork, Ireland

Intended Use:

Triage is a chat-based informational service that analyses the initial user input, then goes through a series of questions matched to that input (the majority of these are predetermined question flows written by clinicians; a portion is chosen using AI). After this the user is provided with some information about the location and timescale in which they might need to be treated, and may also be given some information about possible conditions for what the information they entered (and their associated likelihoods). This will be accompanied with general self-care advice, where appropriate.

Triage is intended to be used by lay people over the age of 16. The patient population includes cisgender (people whose gender identity matches their sex at birth) presenting with a common primary care condition (excluding pregnancy, and some mental health and dermatology conditions). Users must be over the age of 16. However, Triage provides health information for all age groups. This means that someone over 16 can use the product on behalf of all age groups.

Triage is not intended for use in an emergency or during pregnancy.

Clinical Benefits:

The Triage application presents significant clinical benefits in the form of fast, accurate, and trustworthy medical triage advice by providing information about where the medical concerns and information entered might need to be treated and/or possible causes for what a user entered (and their associated likelihoods).


    • Do not use Triage in an emergency.
    • Triage is powered by artificial intelligence and is not a real clinician.
    • Output from Triage does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; it provides triage advice based on the combination of symptoms that a user enters.
    • A list of possible causes that may cause these symptoms, which may be shown to a user, does not provide a personal diagnosis and is for information purposes only.
    • If your symptoms persist, change or worsen, or you are concerned, seek further advice.
    • Triage is only for users aged 16 and over.
    • You should read our terms and conditions for more information.
    • Where appropriate we use error messaging to guide users to improve inputs such as incorrect passwords
    • Triage is not suitable if you have the following symptoms or are at all concerned
      • Severe, heavy or crushing chest pain, which may move to jaw, neck, arm, or back, or be associated with sweating, shortness of breath or nausea.
      • Signs of a stroke, which may include facial weakness, inability to hold both arms up, or difficulty speaking.
      • Severe breathing problems.

    Incident Reporting

    Please complete this form Symptom Checker if you have discovered a potential issue with our Triage (Ask A&E) service. Note that any information submitted will be governed by our privacy policy.