Babylon Becomes One of the Largest Providers of Digital-First Value-Based Care, Reaching Nearly 120,000 Lives Globally

4 March 2021

US Expansion Continues with the Extension of Whole-Person Healthcare to Empower More Lives in California

  • Babylon extends its current healthcare services available in California with the addition of its value-based healthcare offering – Babylon 360 – a combination of AI-powered technology, medical expertise, and personal care to create a comprehensive solution aimed at putting accessible and affordable, high-quality healthcare into the hands of every person on Earth.
  • The rollout of Babylon 360 is extended by Babylon’s multi-million dollar investment in FirstChoice Medical Group, which serves nearly 50,000 Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal members, and supports a network of 180 primary care providers and 1,000 specialty providers.
  • Babylon will work closely with newly connected members and providers to introduce the benefits of Babylon’s digital-first tools and end-to-end healthcare services designed to create a more accessible and seamless healthcare journey.

NEW YORK, NY — March 4, 2021 – Babylon, a leading global technology company with the mission to put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on Earth, today announced that it has extended its innovative value-based care model, Babylon 360, to care for thousands more lives in California. Designed to empower people to stay healthy as well as care for them when they are sick, Babylon 360 is a human-centered, integrated healthcare platform that addresses the totality of peoples’ healthcare needs all in one place.

Extending Babylon’s continued efforts to increase access to primary care and improve provider workflow efficiencies, the company has made a multi-million dollar investment to assume the operations of FirstChoice Medical Group, based in Fresno, California, which serves nearly 50,000 Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal enrollees across Fresno and Madera counties. This partnership will connect a network of approximately 180 primary care providers and 1,000 specialty providers to Babylon’s holistic, technology-driven approach to value-based care management, complementing Babylon’s digital-first offering and its other healthcare services that are currently available to over 2 million lives in California today.

Babylon 360 is uniquely positioned to redefine healthcare by turning the traditional approach of only caring for people when they’re sick on its head. Integrating the transformational power of our AI and technology stack with the highest quality virtual clinical services, Babylon’s whole-person care model serves as the digital front door to highly accessible care that makes healthcare more accessible by ensuring it is available through the devices people already own, and more affordable by leveraging technology to free up medical professionals so they can focus on proactively predicting and managing patient care.

Dr. Ali Parsa, CEO, Babylon, said:

“The current model of healthcare was designed to be reactive and intervene in emergencies and crises. It is primarily about sick-care. With today's data and technology capabilities, we should be able to do much better to avoid surprises by monitoring people’s vital signs continuously and alerting any abnormalities early to intervene before a small issue is blown into a crisis.”

Over the coming months, Babylon will roll out access to its app-based healthcare services – including virtual consultations, symptom information checker, and live chat support – to members under the FirstChoice Medical Group umbrella. Members will also have support in the form of Babylon Care Advisors to increase member engagement and coordinate preventative care. Simultaneously, Babylon will work hand-in-hand with newly-connected providers to ensure there is no disruption to current member/provider relationships and to introduce its suite of digital tools in a way that will only relieve schedules, simplify day-to-day, clinical delivery operations, and improve access to patients.

Dr. Ali Parsa, CEO, Babylon, said:

“Babylon 360 aims to create a holistic, easily accessible and affordable healthcare option that promotes prevention over the cure. We aim to bridge the gap between people and providers to create a seamless healthcare experience for all.

Therefore, we are honored to have the opportunity to partner with this pioneering network of members and doctors in Fresno, and aim to gradually introduce our Babylon 360 care model in California after the recent introduction of our end-to-end, digital-first services in Missouri.”

Today’s release closely follows the company’s announcement of similar services being rolled out across 10 counties in southeast Missouri. The Babylon app can be accessed 24/7 and includes a symptom information checker, a Healthcheck information tool, live chat with real Babylon team members, and virtual doctor consultations. As part of Babylon’s quick expansion in the United States, it has already been providing access to its app-based services to members of certain health plans in New York, California, Missouri, Nevada and Iowa, building toward a 50-state network.


Notes to Editors

About Babylon

Babylon is a globally leading technology company with the mission to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth.

We combine technology and medical expertise to bring doctors and people closer together, with digital healthcare tools designed to empower people with knowledge about their health. Through a range of digital health services – such as AI-backed digital health tools and video doctor appointments – we give people round-the-clock access to affordable, holistic healthcare services. We work with governments, health providers and insurers across the globe, and support healthcare facilities from small local practices to large hospitals.

Babylon covers 20 million people across the globe, and has delivered more than 8 million virtual consultations and AI interactions. We have teamed up with 170 impactful worldwide partners — including Mount Sinai Health Partners, Centene, Prudential, the UK’s NHS, Telus Health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Rwanda — to fulfill our vision of accessible and affordable healthcare, for all. For more information, visit

What is Babylon 360?

Value-Based Care (known as Integrated Care in the UK) is seen as a huge shift in healthcare. Value-Based Care providers are rewarded for helping people improve their health, reduce the effects and incidence of chronic disease, and live healthier lives in an evidence-based way.

Babylon has been one of the forerunners, using digital-first primary care, highly trained staff and the latest technology to help people get the care they need, from wherever they are.

The company most recently rolled out its Babylon 360 care services to Medicaid members in Missouri’s Bootheel as part of a larger plan to develop this way of caring for people. In the UK, Babylon has also partnered with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Hospital Trust, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and recently invested in Higi’s 10,000 FDA-cleared self-service Smart Health Stations.

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