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Babylon understands your symptoms and directs you to the most appropriate service.


Babylon can interpret symptoms and medical questions through a chatbot interface and match them to the most appropriate service.

It can recognise the vast majority of healthcare issues seen in primary care and provide information on any next steps to take.

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Babylon recognises medical concepts.

Our scientists, engineers and doctors have developed an AI system, combining many of the latest advances in machine learning, that can interpret your symptoms and risk factors.

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Babylon can identify most medical issues.

To offer the very best advice, Babylon talks to you about your symptoms and how you are feeling. Then it compares your information, and everything else it knows about you, to known conditions and illnesses to find potential matches.

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Babylon was designed around a doctor’s brain.

Babylon’s deep neural network, created from many millions of data samples collected and input by our scientists and doctors, works behind the scenes to provide you with the information you need. 

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