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Your Feedback

Getting feedback is very important to us. When you raise an issue, we care about it and act fast to solve it. The start of any genuine feedback relationship is transparency, so we are uploading all the in-app ratings you have given us, and all the things you’ve told us about the service right here. With your help we'll keep doing what works and fixing what should be done better. Many thanks for your comments, please keep them coming.

Trustpilot reviews​

  • Annabel, 19/12/2018

    Revolutionised healthcare. 

    I can’t always take time off work just to see a GP and often it’s that “call at 8am and we’ll try and see if we can get you an appointment this week”. With this app, I never have to wait long for a phone/video appointment and getting a physical appointment is easy! I can see my notes and so can the next doctor. Highly, highly recommend!

  • Joel, 12/12/2018

    Super-easy super-fast, got healthy quicker. 

    So, so easy. So quick. Booked an appointment at 17:10. and had an appointment via video call with a super friendly doctor at 20:10 from my bedroom. Picked up antibiotics from the pharmacy at the end of my road at 9:30 the next morning. I was half way through the course of antibiotics by the time I would have been able to get an appointment at my local GP surgery. Telling all family and friends.

  • Alex, 06/12/2018


    Amazing, this is how going to the doctors should be, registered and confirmed (I think) in half an hour and booked a Saturday appointment which is unheard of. Got referred to a specialist and my prescription was ready to pick up the same day.

  • DSC, 03/12/2018

    Brilliant concept and excellent service! 

    The registration process was simple and quick. My notes were transferred within 24 hours. I had my GP appointment 20 minutes after registration was completed. The GP was able to diagnose my issue and prescribe medication and a treatment plan for me, she also sent me some physio exercises to do. I was immediately sent notes of the consultation, outlining everything the doctor had advised. All of this took place at 11pm while I was sitting in bed! This is an absolutely brilliant concept and service, and I highly recommend it.

  • Anna, 03/12/2018

    It's simply amazing! 

    Imagine not having to wait two weeks to see your GP – on Babylon you can book an appointment within a few hours! It took only 30 min for all my records to be transferred from my previous surgery. My GP 'appointment' happened by FaceTime – the connection was really great. I asked my new virtual GP to provide me with specialist’s referral letters and these were in my inbox within 10 minutes after our FaceTime call! I would highly recommend switching to Babylon!

  • Kamali, 27/11/2018

    Quick and efficient! 

    Absolutely loved this service from start to finish. I forgot my prescription cream at home and was away for the weekend. Super quick – only took 2 hours from app download to picking up the prescription. Maybe I was lucky to get a slot with a doctor quickly, or my case was easy, but I'm very impressed with this service and have already been telling friends about it.

  • Lianne, 23/11/2018

    Absolute game changer! 

    As someone managing a chronic condition and working full time, I have always found getting appointments and medication reviews etc really stressful as I have to remember to book an appointment, call at the exact right time and then hope there is one, at a time I can do. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that! I’ve had a few appointments so far and they have been friendly, efficient and available within 30 mins. The app and the registration process are seamless as well, couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  • Ryan, 18/11/2018

    An app to change the world! 

    The service provided by Babylon was amazing. I needed to see a GP urgently on a Saturday, whilst I was at work in a cafe. I booked the appointment for my lunchbreak and a highly professional and nice doctor called me exactly on time. After reviewing my injury they advised I go to A&E asap. I was really amazed by how efficient the system is. Also, having my own record of the consultation notes, and a recording of the session, is great! Overall, the app has made me feel more safe and in control of my health and well-being. Thanks!

  • Matt, 23/10/2018

    Doctor called 1 minute late (which, given it was 9 at night was not bad at all – must’ve been running well on schedule). She was a really good GP and, when sorting out my treatment, offered their services without being pushy. I was pretty blown away how good it was, and it was definitely affordable price-wise. I’d definitely recommend and use them again in a pinch. I tend to be pretty critical of things, so 5/5 isn’t something I give lightly.

Apps store reviews​

  • TKAKB, 13/12/2018

    Fantastic service!

    Made the appointment with ease and the GP called exactly when the appointment was arranged for. Talked through my issue without feeling rushed.

  • Online Magnetism, 06/12/2018

    So much more efficient than going to my local GP. 

    Very quick to organise appointment and happy with how the appointment video call went.

  • Emmajayen, 04/12/2018

    Super easy.

    It removes the hassle of getting to a GP or to even wait weeks to get an appointment. The doctors are friendly and helpful as you'd expect. A great service and a huge leap forward for the NHS using technology to their advantage.

  • Lottielalo, 03/12/2018

    Love this!
    I use this app for all my family, when my daughter’s unwell we can contact a GP in the middle of the night. No issues it's complete peace of mind.

  • Maisie- Jane, 03/12/2018


    Makes keeping healthy ten times easier.

  • Laurahamb, 29/11/2018

    So impressed! 

    Honestly this is so convenient and I can't recommend it enough! My experience has been super-efficient convenient and helpful so far. Thanks for creating such a wonderful service!

  • JordanAnthony, 28/11/2018

    Absolutely indispensable to me. 

    With my current situation, being able to conveniently contact a GP on FaceTime/calls is so very helpful to me. So many benefits to moving to this system.

  • Becky23, 22/11/2018

    Great service. 

    Love that you can get in touch from the comfort of your own home. Now my GP won't do over the phone advice and I don't have time to go in then Babylon is perfect :)

  • Tonibolloni, 11/11/2018

    Healthcare as it should be.

    Being able to schedule a call (sometimes within minutes) and speak to a GP is a game changer. Beats waiting for 3 or 4 weeks for an appointment at usual surgeries! Staff helpful and thorough. Great to have at your fingertips via the app.