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We get a lot of love from our members, so we’ve created a little home for our positive reviews. Read on to see why people are enjoying using Babylon and Babylon GP at hand.

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  • Robbie R, 07/06/2019

    Life Saver (& time saver!)

    Fantastic app. It literally saved my life in a sense! 

    Moved house and couldn’t even get a registration appointment at nearby GP. So said I’d try this, within 2 hours of registering with the app (as my NHS GP) I had a video appointment and arranged for a face to face appointment afterwards in Kings cross. 

  • ngllewis, 23/05/2019

    I would never go back to a regular GP

    Great service, good support and excellent consultations. Easy to use App with everything I need to monitor my consultations and general health.

  • JoeP, 21/05/2019

    Incredible app

    A super app that makes what used to be so painful a breeze. Appointments available in a matter of hours, friendly doctors and super efficient managing prescriptions and referrals.

  • Laura200790, 06/05/2019

    5 Stars For App 

    Brilliant advice. Great app. Very helpful and reassuring for parents with young children 

  • Kayswtiiee, 02/05/2019

    Absolutely Fantastic!!

    Got seen within minutes, book your appointment at any time of the day, prescription sent out in seconds. All the GPS I’ve talked to have been so lovely and thorough. Incredible service, I’m so happy  and have recommended them to my family.

  • O. Levent, 28/04/2019

    Just amazing 

    Whatever the NHS do they MUST keep this app running. 

    More efficient than an actual practice, never had to wait and it is just unbelievably convenient.

  • Sarah chips, 26/04/2019


    Amazing fast app.  Love the feature that reminds you of your appointment coming up.  The notification goes straight to my Apple Watch.  Love the count down to let you know when your prescription is nearly ready.  I can not compliment this service enough.

  • Isabel183, 25/04/2019


    It was super easy to sign up, and I had a phone appointment booked for the next day. During the appointment, I feel like I was given the time to talk about my concerns, and she was really helpful, clear and supportive

  • Nonnicknameman, 22/04/2019

    This is the future

    Just arranged an appointment this evening, doc calls 10 mins later, prescription is ready and waiting at nominates pharmacy tomorrow. Incredible.