Meet our team

We know babylon can only be as good as our people, so we only choose the best people. They do a lot of different things around here and they’re all brilliant, hardworking and great at what they do – they make babylon what it is. Each and every person who joins babylon also becomes a shareholder. And because we all own the business, when babylon succeeds we all succeed. So at babylon, everyone matters.

Oh, and one more thing… the hardworking people were way too busy to do a photoshoot, so we thought we’d just introduce you to these folks instead.

  • Simon-kelly.jpg
    Simon Kelly

    Chief Sales Officer 

  • Andrew Roff Babylon
    Andrew Roff

    Finance Director

  • Mobasher Butt Babylon
    Dr Mobasher Butt

    Chief Medical Director

  • Prem Sharma Babylon
    Prem Sharma

    Director of Product (Consumer Facing Apps)

  • Charlie Peachey Babylon
    Charlie Peachy

    Marketing Director

  • Steven Hamblin Babylon
    Dr Steven Hamblin, PhD

    Head of Artificial Intelligence

  • Beccy Ingram Babylon
    Beccy Ingram

    Head of Talent

  • Umang Patel Babylon
    Dr Umang Patel

    Business Development Director

  • Paul Bate Babylon
    Dr Paul Bate, PhD

    Director of NHS Services 

  • Mel Chacksfield Babylon
    Mel Chacksfield

    Product Director (Supply Facing)

  • Ben Cullen Babylon
    Ben Cullen

    Technical Operations Director & Security Director

  • Matt Hobbs
    Matt Hobbs

    Product Director (Technology)

  • Phil Gooch Babylon
    Dr Phillip Gooch phD 

    Principal Lead Semantics & Knowledge

  • Mohammad Khodadadi Babylon
    Dr Mohammad Khodadadi, PhD

    Principal Lead Semantics & Knowledge

  • Saurabh Johri Babylon
    Dr Saurabh Johri, PhD

    Principal Lead Data Science

  • Nils Hammerla Babylon
    Dr Nils Hammerla, PhD

    Machine Learning Lead