Artificial Intelligence

How our technology improves your health


Our AI is a collection of systems developed by a team of research scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals. It relies on three main parts: our knowledge graph, our comprehensive health record, and our probabilistic graphical model.

  • Our knowledge graph is one of the world’s largest structured medical graphs. It shows relationships between different diseases, symptoms, and conditions. You might think of it as a digital encyclopedia of medicine.

  • Our comprehensive health record encompasses information we have about an individual patient, including medical history. Doctors make better decisions with access to accurate, comprehensive information.

  • Our probabilistic graphical model is capable of processing hundreds of billions of combinations of symptoms, diseases and risk factors every second. It helps identify conditions that may match the information a patient provides.

We’ve invested in building world-class research teams to pioneer new techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

But we also recognize that we have a long way to go. We’re passionate about sharing our findings and open-sourcing parts of our work for the benefit of the AI community.