You’re our best shot

This article was last reviewed on September 17, 2021

If you’re 12 years and older, you can now get a free COVID-19 shot! It works and keeps you, your friends and your family safe.

It’s super easy to get vaccinated

Find your nearest vaccination point by:

By the way, did you know you can get a free ride to your vaccination appointment? All you have to do is contact Lyft.

Unsure about getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

Have kids?

You may be able to get free childcare during your appointment:

Why get vaccinated?

  • The vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe illness and death from COVID-19
  • The sooner we all can get past the pandemic, the sooner we will all be able to lead healthier and safer lives.

Some key vax facts

How do the vaccines work?

All COVID-19 vaccines work by teaching your immune system how to recognize and then attack the virus. This ability, known as immunity, helps your body spot the virus as it enters your body, kill it and prevent it from making you very sick.

Can the shot give me coronavirus?

No. The vaccines only contain selected (and safe) parts of the virus and not the active COVID-19 virus itself. So it cannot infect you.

I had COVID-19 and I recovered. Am I immune, or do I need to get vaccinated?

The CDC recommends that you still have the vaccine. Studies have shown that vaccination gives your immunity a boost if you’ve already had COVID-19.

For more vaccine-related FAQs, visit COVID-19 Vaccine: All Your Questions Answered.

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Looking for a COVID-19 test?

Head over to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services page for where you can get tested.