We’re redefining healthcare with our partners

Through groundbreaking partnerships across the world, we’re already making healthcare more accessible and affordable for millions of people. Want to join us?

We’re creating better health for everyone

Most health systems today focus on short-term sick care, instead of long-term preventative care. This makes healthcare more expensive and less accessible. It'll take more than telemedicine to fix this problem. That’s why we focus on creating better health for our partners’ members.

How do we create better health?

We create better health by combining leading AI-powered technology, best-in-class remote clinical operations, and in-person care when necessary. We help our patients monitor their health continuously, so they can stay well. If something goes wrong, we have the resources patients need to get back on their feet. It’s complete, end-to-end digital primary care at no cost to our members.

The benefits of better health

Better health means longer, healthier lives for patients, and cost savings for partners. It means healthcare is easily accessible through the devices people already own. It means healthcare is more affordable because AI can free up our doctors and nurses, so they can focus on managing our care. This helps prevent $10 problems from becoming $10,000 problems.

Our Products and Services

We offer partners complete value-based care, through digital-first population health management. We also provide front-end AI solutions to enhance member engagement, deliver better insights, better automation and better results, all at scale. And we take on financial risk in order to deliver better value. We can do this because:

We’ve built an advanced AI system designed around a doctor's brain

We can integrate our AI and technology stack with the highest quality clinical services

We understand all the external risk factors to health, and focus on both preventative and primary care

We focus on whole person care

We’re making an impact

We’ve proven that we can deliver better patient outcomes and significant patient savings.

23% of ER or urgent care visits avoided through digital appointments*

64% of our support role and post-appointment workstreams have been automated

90% appointments booked within 30 mins, available 24/7/365*

15% to 35% acute care savings achieved in the NHS***

*Babylon US data (March 2020 to December 2020).

**Babylon US data (2020). Only includes GM appointments.

***Babylon study completed in 2020 using the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) data (2020).

We’re bringing our mission to life

First app

April 2014

App downloads

1.5 million

People covered

20 million lives

Global client network


Global rating

94% 4 to 5*

Countries live and in progress


Consultations and AI interactions

9 million

Peer-reviewed, published papers


And in the US, we’ve already built one of America’s largest value-based care services with over 65,000 members on Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans.

Our partners in care

From providers, payors, global insurance to governments and pharmaceutical companies, we partner with organizations from across the world. They all share our vision of redefining healthcare. Want to find out more about them? Just follow the links.

  • Health Net
  • Higi
  • Firstchoice
  • Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
  • NHS The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • Prudential

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