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Healthcare is not unfixable

Through groundbreaking partnerships all over the world, Babylon is already making healthcare accessible and affordable for millions of people.

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Who we work with

We partner with global businesses like Prudential as well as public organizations like the UK’s National Health Service and the Rwandan government. With clinical expertise and the ever-growing power of technology and AI, we’re driving innovative solutions to some of the most significant challenges of our time.

Together, we’re transforming healthcare — and this is just the beginning.

We drive innovation with organizations of all kinds

We design our service and technology to be adaptable. It’s flexible enough to suit specific requirements and drive impact at a local level as well as on a national scale. Partners benefit from data analytics and insights, improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Patients get better, more accessible care.

We work with many different types of organizations. The only prerequisite is a desire to help transform healthcare delivery.

  • Governments & NGOs

    We work with governments and foundations to deliver affordable and accessible primary care.

  • Insurers & Payors

    Our services add value - from attracting and engaging customers, to lowering costs and capturing insights.

  • Technology & Telcos

    Our technology can be embedded into your consumer offering, delivering health innovation and value.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

    We help companies get closer to patients by using digital engagement to improve outcomes.

  • Employers

    We work with businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to keep their employees present, productive and healthy.

  • Health Systems

    Our platform helps health systems transform primary care delivery by connecting patients to digital health services 24/7.

Just a few of our partners

  • Bill and Melinda gates foundation
  • Bloomberg
  • BNP Paribas
  • HSBC
  • NHS
  • Telus
  • Shell
  • Prudential
  • Buzzfeed
  • Aon

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The Economist

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