Governments and NGOs

Babylon partners with foundations and governments operating national healthcare systems to drive transformation at scale. So far we’ve helped slash wait times from two weeks to two hours for the NHS in the UK, and we’ve revolutionized access to healthcare in Rwanda with the Gates Foundation. Whether we’re working in an established economy or a developing one, we provide a service that’s tailored to specific needs to drive huge local impact.

Why choose us?

More efficiency and reduced burden on existing facilities

Our service is cost effective and results in fewer unnecessary visits to hospitals and health facilities.

Improved patient experience, engagement and outcomes

Babylon reduces wait times and encourages patients to catch problems early. We promote a proactive approach to health by helping patients foster good habits and identify lifestyle risks. Patients get support no matter where they are, which facilitates long-term behavior change and better outcomes for everyone.

Enhanced and supported clinical workforce

Our tools improve doctors’ diagnostic capabilities. Video appointments allow clinicians to extend their reach and see more patients, including vulnerable and marginalized populations and those living in underserved areas. Doctors also benefit from flexible and remote working opportunities, improving their work-life balance.

Better use of new technology and data

New technologies and improvements are implemented fast and designed to work with existing systems. Data is aggregated to help partners understand their population’s health needs and trends.