Insurers and Payors

Babylon’s technology allows insurance organizations to innovate within their industry. We’re working with private medical insurance, life insurance, income protection and travel insurance across the US, Europe and Asia. We help payors grow membership and retention through a customer-centric approach. Our service reduces costs, improves insights and enhances the patient experience. Overall, we promote a preventative approach that keeps people healthier for longer.

Why choose us?

Lower costs, better outcomes, increased revenue

With Babylon, insurers see fewer claims and lower costs for services. It creates opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, and to build new sources of revenue by rethinking the traditional role of the insurer.

Improved business intelligence

With better data and analytics, insurers get to know their customers on a deeper level. They can leverage sophisticated segmentation to form insights, create user-centric targeting and diver higher customer satisfaction with tailored products and services.

More customers

Adding Babylon to their offerings helps insurers differentiate, acquire new customers and increase retention.