Babylon for pharmaceuticals

Patients may not always realize that their symptoms could be diagnosed and treated simply and effectively. That lack of understanding can prevent them from getting back to good health quickly.

We help you solve healthcare’s biggest challenges

By combining AI with human medical expertise, we give patients the right information at the right time, so they can be treated quickly. We help patients understand their symptoms and treatment options. We also raise awareness about under-diagnosed conditions, and can help patients adhere to medication.

Better outcomes for patients, better insights for pharmas

We’ve created front-end AI solutions to improve patient outcomes through enhanced awareness and engagement. Our products provide digital-first triage, an understanding of future health risks, and guidance on next steps. All with the aim of improving understanding of conditions and access to treatment.

How we can improve care and reduce costs

Increased awareness and ongoing patient engagement

We’ve increased awareness of under-diagnosed conditions, and improved partners’ brand recall by 100 to 200% per brand.

Improved business intelligence

We help partners understand their patients and get them the treatment they need, with actionable insights on patient behavior and population data.

How do we use AI in healthcare?

Our AI is designed to work like a doctor’s brain. But while a human doctor can only see one patient at a time, our AI can manage millions. It helps patients find accurate information and common treatments for their symptoms. It can also identify patterns in medical data that can impact long-term health.

Our partners in care

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Prudential
  • NHS The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
  • Silver Summit Health plan
  • Health Net
  • Higi
  • Firstchoice

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