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9 Sep 2020

Press Pack: Mental Health in a Global Pandemic

Mental Health in a Global Pandemic [PDF]

11 Aug 2020

New Artificial Intelligence could help doctors improve diagnosis, particularly for complex cases shows peer-reviewed research

Babylon Artificial Intelligence: Press release

27 May 2020

Babylon invests in Higi to extend access to affordable, quality healthcare in every neighborhood across North America

Babylon invests in Higi: Press release

5 May 2020

Babylon Joins Mount Sinai Health Partners to Expand 24/7 Access to Digital Healthcare Services for Millions of New Yorkers

Babylon joins Mount Sinai Health Partners: Press Release

4 March 2020

Rwanda will be the world’s most advanced country for digital health

Rwanda Most Advanced Country with Digital Health [PDF]

6 February 2020

Artificial Intelligence can spot when correlation really does mean causation

Artificial Intelligence Correlation [PDF]

26 November 2019

Babylon backs the launch of ‘Contract for the Web’

Babylon backs 'Contract for the Web' [PDF]

2 August 2019

Babylon announces a record fundraise to expand to the US and Asia

Babylon Funding Announcement - US and Asia [PDF]

6 November 2018

Babylon's AI healthcheck: Helping people better understand their physical and mental health

Babylon's AI Healthcheck [PDF]

7 September 2018

TELUS Health and Babylon to bring advanced digital health technologies to Canada

TELUS Health and Babylon Virtual Care [PDF]