Babylon offers a range of solutions to help our partners deliver an affordable, accessible health service.

Ask Babylon

Powered by AI, Ask Babylon gives users 24/7 access to health information.

Talk to a doctor

Babylon enables patients to talk to licensed physicians, from where they are, anytime.


Healthcheck can help patients learn more about their health and suggest changes for healthier living.

Designed for doctors, by doctors.

Our virtual consultation platform has been built to help doctors focus on what matters: their patients. Babylon's platform, which is integrated with its AI-powered application, provides the digital connective tissue between patients and doctors, improves experience and engagement for both parties, and gives doctors key insights into their patients' health. 

Why Babylon?

  • Holistic

    By following users throughout their care journey, when they’re well to when they’re seeking medical assistance, Babylon is able to deliver holistic, longitudinal, and personalized care. Babylon goes beyond transactional care episodes by providing tools to users to support decision-making, routing, and education. 

  • Flexible

    Whether it’s digital, virtual, or physical care, Babylon creates ambient care for consumers in an omnichannel experience. Babylon helps organizations meet new consumer demands of their healthcare services. 

  • Comprehensive

    Babylon provides support when our users are looking to stay healthy, as well as when our users are not feeling well. Our services, like Healthcheck, help our users better understand their health status and risk factors.

  • Expert

    Babylon’s team of AI-specialized clinicians, scientists, and engineers are among the most experienced in the world. We conduct and publish industry-leading research on our AI capabilities.

  • Scalable

    Babylon is a global organization with operations in more than a dozen countries spanning four continents. We have the scale and the expertise to succeed internationally and bring Babylon to new markets. 

  • Satisfaction

    Our patients love us. Don’t just take our word for it: Babylon has 40,000 five star user ratings, and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, for our virtual visits. Our secret to a remarkable experience is simple: our patients come first. Always. 

Who do we work with?

  • Health Systems

    Our platform helps health systems transform primary care delivery to meet new consumer expectations for their health care. Patients can access digital health services 24/7 and connect with primary care providers or specialists for a virtual visit at their convenience. 

  • Insurers

    Our services add value to insurers - from attracting and engaging customers to improving clinical pathways, lowering claims costs and capturing invaluable insights. Babylon works with commercial and government-sponsored health insurance plans. 

  • Employers

    We give businesses an essential benefit for their employees; affordable, accessible care. Virtual visits are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional care. We work with businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to keep their employees present, productive and healthy. 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

    We help pharmaceutical companies get closer to patients by using digital engagement to improve outcomes, making sure their patients have access to the very best treatment. We work with pharmaceutical partners across acute and chronic conditions to move "beyond the pill". 

  • Retail Pharmacies

    Our services help retail pharmacies expand their clinical consumer offerings. With Babylon, retail pharmacies can create a better wellness brand experience that goes outside of the brick and mortar to reach their customers digitally and virtually. 

  • Partnerships

    Babylon is proud to partner with philanthropic, academic, and commercial organizations that are aligned with our mission of putting an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. 

“Offering Babylon to our employees was a ‘no-brainer’. The productivity value is obvious and it sends a strong cultural message; all for a modest cost per employee.”

UK Head of HR, Exane BNP Paribas
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